Human Capital

Basic Approach

In the MITSUI-SOKO Group, "human resources" are the source of our value. We strengthen our group-wide activities so that each and every employee can exercise their abilities to the fullest with pride and satisfaction. Then, we will aim to become a corporate group that can continue to create new value.


The Group respects the autonomy of each business and promotes group-wide efforts to improve human capital while executing human resource strategies at individual companies. Under the Sustainability Committee, the Human Resources Subcommittee, a group-wide organization, has been established to formulate and implement measures to enhance employee engagement and to achieve various KPIs that lead to employee job satisfaction.
Initiatives: Diversity & Inclusion, Employee Engagement, Health Management, Work Environment, etc.

Employee Engagement

In order to sustainably increase corporate value in a corporate group of diverse individuals, it is important to create an environment in which each employee is motivated and the company grows at the same time. We conduct employee engagement surveys in order to promote mutual understanding between employees and the company, and to achieve increased corporate value by working together as one. In the future, we will expand the engagement survey to the whole group to "visualize" engagement, recognize issues, and consider clearer action plans, thereby creating a virtuous cycle that leads to mutual growth of employees and the company.

Individual and Organizational Revitalization

Our Approach

In order to sustainably increase the corporate value of our Group, it is important to simultaneously develop and nurture both the abilities of each individual employee and the collective strength of the Group. Thus, we will build a corporate structure that can continue to create new value by promoting measures to strengthen both individual capabilities and the Group's overall strength.

Strengthening Individual Capabilities

We believe that the development of capabilities of individual employees and the enhancement of their motivation is the driving force behind value creation. So, we are committed to human resource development that develops the power of the individual.

Enhancement of Training System

Each Group company provides training programs tailored to each career stage, such as leadership and team building programs so that employees and the company can grow together while pursuing the duties and roles defined for each level. We also have an overseas dispatch program for young employees to work in the U.S., China, Southeast Asia, and other countries. By giving them precious opportunities to work together with national staff to let them learn unique overseas work procedures and customs, we develop global human resources who are able to solve problems from multiple perspectives.
Number of Training Hours and Cost for Developing Human Resources
Annual training hours Average annual training hours per person Average annual training cost per person
FY2023 (Total) 17,291 hours 9.2 hours 33,461 yen
By level 11,925 hours - -
Selective / Optional 2,935 hours - -
For target employees / Others 2,432 hours - -
  • The figures are based on the training implemented at MITSUI-SOKO HOLDINGS, MITSUI-SOKO, MITSUI-SOKO EXPRESS, MITSUI-SOKO LOGISTICS, MITSUI-SOKO Supply Chain Solutions, and MITSUI-SOKO TRANSPORT.
Training Menu
  • By level: New employee training, OJT trainer training, new section manager training
  • Selective / Optional: Next-generation leader development training / Next Generation Manager Development Training
  • For target employees / Others: Career design training (for middle to senior level) etc.

Creation of Highly Specialized Human Resources

We recruit and develop highly specialized personnel to provide optimal logistics solutions to our customers. In order to promote our DX strategy, we introduce an IT specialist system to recruit and train DX specialists. We also actively hire pharmacists to promote healthcare logistics, which is a focus area for our Group.

Utilization of internal job posting system

MITSUI-SOKO HOLDINGS has introduced an internal job posting system so that employees can take on the challenges of new careers of their own volition. Enabling employees to carve out autonomous careers is leading improvements in motivation and realizing organizational revitalization.

Strengthening of Group's Collective Strength

We view our ability to seamlessly provide customers with the aggregate strengths of each company as our competitive advantage. To achieve this, we encourage the exchange of human resources among Group companies and the sharing of expertise and good practices among them, thereby raising the level of the Group's overall capabilities.

Cross-group Personnel Allocation

We actively promote personnel exchanges among our Group companies to nurture human resources who can view things from multiple perspectives and propose a wide range of solutions as a comprehensive logistics company.

Holding Group Contests

We hold an annual contest in the Group to recognize outstanding cases of business initiatives. We organize the contents globally with the two categories of Sales Solution and Operations Improvement. Recently, we have received an increasing number of entries for integrated solution services in the Group and sustainability initiatives. By recognizing and disseminating these good practices of our Group, we share knowledge throughout the Group and create an environment in which we can provide high value-added services from an employee-driven perspective.

Group Seminars

We hold Group Seminars where employees serve as instructors and give lectures. With the objectives of information sharing, knowledge improvement, personnel exchange, and enhancement of a sense of unity, these seminars introduce the operations of each Group company and provide lectures for the horizontal sharing of logistics expertise. The corporate department also holds lectures on accounting, legal knowledge, and other topics, serving as a venue for acquiring the knowledge necessary for business.

Diversity & Inclusion

Our Approach

MITSUI-SOKO Group Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Policy
MITSUI-SOKO Group will respect diversity and create systems and environments where diverse talent can flourish regardless of personal attributes or values such as gender identity, age, nationality, physical or mental ability and needs, ideology, faith, culture, career, lifestyle or working style, based on the idea that “creating safe, diverse and rewarding work environments for workers” also creates value for the Group.
  • 1. We will create a corporate culture and working environments where each employee’s personal attributes and values are accepted and seen as a strength.
  • 2. We will create systems and opportunities for career development so that each employee can work with motivation and ambition regardless of his/her personal attributes and values.
June 24, 2021


Empowerment of Female Employees

The participation of diverse personnel in the decision-making process is essential for the promotion of diversity. With a particular focus on increasing the percentage of women in management positions, we work as a whole Group to promote the creation of a workplace where diverse human resources can fully demonstrate their abilities. At each Group company, diversity management training, leadership training for female employees, and a system for male employees to take childcare leave are among the initiatives being implemented.
Click here for information on MITSUI-SOKO Group's efforts to empower female employees.

Empowerment of Diverse Human Resources

We hire global employees and people with disabilities, accept foreign technical interns, and work to create a workplace that respects diversity, regardless of gender, nationality, or disability.

Creating Systems that Leverage Diversity

We promote the use of childcare leave for both men and women and enhance the nursing care leave system so that employees can maximize their performance even when their life stage changes. In addition, we have introduced and operated systems that enable diverse human resources to play an active role, such as internships for young people, extension of retirement age for senior employees, and comeback programs for employees who had to retire due to unavoidable circumstances, in order to achieve diversity and inclusion.

Creating a Pleasant Work Environment

Enhancing Health and Productivity Management

The MITSUI-SOKO Group strives to have a positive impact on society by generating new values. We strongly believe that the physical and mental well-being of our employees is the source for creating such values. The Group is dedicated to implementing health and productivity management initiatives that are aimed at enhancing the physical and mental well-being of all of our employees.
MITSUI-SOKO HOLDINGS Declaration of Health and Productivity Management
We, the MITSUI-SOKO Group, believe that our mission is to guide our customers and communities towards enduring happiness through our PURPOSE: Empower society, encourage progress.
In order to contribute to the creation of a spiritually enriching and sustainable society, it is essential for each employee to demonstrate their full potential.
For the well-being of individuals, companies, and communities, we will actively support the health of our employees and their families so that all employees can work with vitality.

Communication with Employees
The Group is working to provide information and support for initiatives to promote health through smooth communication with employees, led by the Health and Productivity Management Enhancement Team, a subcommittee of the Human Resources Committee (Chairperson: Officer Personnel Affairs, Human Resources, MITSUI-SOKO HOLDINGS).

Corporate Communication (Figure 1: Organization for Enhancing Health and Productivity Management)

Issues of Health and Productivity Management
In order to enhance the QOL for our employees and their families, we have identified 4 key issues from the perspectives of "mental" and "physical" well-being and will promote initiatives to address these issues.
  • 1. Creating and maintaining a healthy work environment
  • 2. Promoting work-life balance
  • 3. Improving health literacy
  • 4. Providing health support programs

For Mental Well-being

Creating and maintaining a healthy work environment
We firmly believe that prioritizing the mental health of employees is vital for their overall well-being, as well as the success of the company. It is crucial to foster a work environment where employees can seek support and return to work, even when dealing with illness. To support this belief, we have implemented the following 4 primary mental health care programs.
  • 1. Self-care: Understanding and awareness of the employee's own health conditions through regular stress checks
  • 2. Line care: Assessment of employees' health status by managers and supervisors, consultation services, improvement of work environment, and support for returning to work
  • 3. Care by in-house occupational health staff: Mental health care for employees with mental disorders, support for returning to work
  • 4. Care by outside agencies: External support in cases where resolution by 1-3 is difficult

Promoting work-life balance
We strongly believe that the mental well-being of employees is closely related to achieving a work-life balance. As a result, each company within the Group has implemented various systems, such as flexible working hours, working from home, and staggered schedules, to create a work environment that accommodates their individual values and lifestyles.

For Physical Well-being

Improving health literacy
We firmly believe that having a good grasp of physical and mental well-being is vital for employees to maintain good health. As a result, we encourage enhancing health literacy by offering health-related information, training sessions, and seminars. Our aim is to help each employee develop a keen interest in and comprehension of the importance of well-being.

Providing health support programs
We also believe that in addition to treating sick employees, it's important to prevent illnesses to maintain their overall health. Thus, we are working to support the prevention of illness for every employee and provide programs to promote exercise opportunities through the use of gyms.
(Examples of initiatives)
  • 1. Support for lifestyle-related diseases
  • 2. Encouragement and assistance for thorough physical examinations
  • 3. Measures against domestic and international infectious diseases (COVID-19, tuberculosis, malaria, HIV/AIDS, etc.)
  • 4. Prevention of passive smoking
  • 5. Provision of discounts for gym use and health support applications

Infection Control Measures

We have many locations globally and implement measures to protect our employeesfrom global health issues, such as tuberculosis, malaria, and HIV/AIDS. We inform expatriatesposted overseas and their accompanying family members to receive vaccinations recommended by government quarantine offices for each destination before traveling, provide medical consultation services, including hospital referrals, and ensure clean and safe housing in the destination country, thereby supporting their healthy and safe life there.

In addition, we also offer the following preventive/vaccination services.

  • Influenza vaccinations: For all Group employees
  • Vaccination against the new coronavirus: For all Group employees and their families

Promotion of Work Style Reform

Based on the belief that allowing every employee to fulfill their work-life balance and enabling them to work in a positive and energetic manner will lead to corporate growth, we are promoting work styles tailored to individual values and lifestyles. The creation of what are said to be comfortable working environments necessitates the promotion of both the so-called soft aspects by improving the systems and the hard aspects by improving the comfort of working in the office. As individual initiatives of each Group company, we have introduced a system that enables various work styles, such as the introduction of a flextime system, remote work, and staggered working hours. In addition to renovating aging offices, we are also improving the office environment by abolishing fixed seating at the head office building and other business sites and promoting activity-based working (ABW)*, in which employees can freely choose, for example, their locations and desks.
  • * ABW: Abbreviation for Activity Based Working. A way of working in which you choose where you work, your desk, and other office equipment according to the nature of your work.

White Logistics

MITSUI-SOKO HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. and the Group companies have submitted the Declaration of Voluntary Action in support of the White Logistics movement advocated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and other governmental offices. The Group will continue to contribute to the securing and development of sustainable and stable logistics services by engaging in the White Logistics movement.