Group Philosophy

The Group Philosophy reflects our determination for the Group to continue to "solve problems and create value through logistics" in the future. Based on this group philosophy, we aim to implement our medium-term management plan and other management strategies to enhance the corporate value of the Group and achieve sustainable growth for society and our customers.

Three components of the Group's philosophy

The Group Philosophy is the highest management concept and consists of Purpose (meaning of our existence),
Vision (what we want to become in the medium- to long-term span), and Values (corporate values and action guidelines).

We have designed this philosophy system chart to symbolize the MITSUI-SOKO Group's daily progress toward the realization of our mid- to long-term VISION in the logistics industry, which is based on our unshakable belief and the significance of our existence in society: PURPOSE.

The dynamic arrangement of our 4 VALUES represents our attitude of moving forward without stopping.

The shape of a perfect circle, not a straight-line figure, indicates the infinite development and expansion of the MITSUI-SOKO Group.


Empower society, encourage progress

We believe that the role played by logistics goes beyond simply receiving and transporting goods. It is a significant pipeline that connects everything, such as people with people, industries with industries, as well as countries with countries, and plays an important role as infrastructure that forms the very foundation of modern society.

And atop the solid foundation built by logistics are people’s day-to-day lives, the workings of economic activity, and society’s continued evolution as it repeatedly replaces the old with the new.

Empower society, encourage progress—it is for this very purpose that the Mitsui-Soko Group exists. In the more than 100 years since our founding, we have expanded our business of logistics to meet the needs of the times and have been inextricably linked to the evolution of society.

In the coming era of rapid change, the role played by logistics will be gaining in its importance. To move the world in a better direction and help to realize a mindful and sustainable society, we are today working with an eye toward the logistics of the future.


The co-creative logistics solutions partner.
For every day, emergency, and always will be

Throughout our company’s history, we have supported the growth of our customers as their logistics partner and walked alongside them while fostering their trust.

Trust is not built in a day. We believe that trust comes as the result of continuing to meet the expectations of our customers to the greatest extent possible, come rain or shine, not only during normal times but also in times of emergency.

As social issues become more complex and society itself undergoes radical change, logistics is gaining in its importance. Rather than simply receiving and transporting goods, the building of efficient and resilient supply chains that will help lead to the resolution of a range of issues, including the global environment, which is being demanded of us.

We will aim to remain a logistics solution partner that realizes improvements in our customers’ corporate value by co-creating with all our stakeholders as well as within the Group at all times.

Aiming to realize our VISION

Under the new Medium-term Management Plan 2022, we will go on the offensive with aggressive investment, focusing on the three pillars of our growth strategy: Top-line Growth by Mobilizing the Group's Collective Strength, Reinforcement of Operational Competitiveness, and Building Management Foundations to Support the Deepening.

Sustainable enhancement of our corporate value

Creating New Value through Logistics Services, Contributing to the Realization of a Sustainable Society, and Improving Corporate Value


PRIDEResponsibility and pride in empowering our society

CHALLENGEStrive to create and execute sustainable proposals for both our customers and society

GEMBAOur frontline: The base of potential, power, and progress

RESPECTEmbrace diverse ideas, co-create new value

Even if a company adopts lofty goals, it will require the deep understanding and actions on the part of each and every employee to steadily implement them.

Under our avowed PURPOSE, the values to be treasured by each employee and serve as guidelines for action to realize our VISION have been newly summarized in four VALUES: PRIDE, CHALLENGE, GEMBA and RESPECT. That VALUES involve us firmly maintaining logistics as a form of social infrastructure, identifying customer and social issues, and connecting them to new proposals and challenges.

Furthermore, while cherishing our GEMBA (frontline), which is the starting point for value creation in logistics, we will promote the emergence of value based on a corporate culture that recognizes diverse individuality and remain a presence that contributes to the creation and evolution of a mindful society.

We will aim to remain a corporate group that is capable of creating sustainable value by having each and every one of our employees embrace the four VALUES and demonstrate their abilities to the maximum extent.