Terms of use

Use of personal information on this web site

Mitsui-Soko Holdings Co., Ltd., employs the privacy policy below for customer personal information used on this web site, with ongoing refinements made to that approach.

  1. Use of personal information
  2. Mitsui-Soko Holdings Co., Ltd. installs an information manager for the proper handling of customer personal information used on or obtained through this web site. In addition to preventing external leaks, rational safety measures are put in place to prevent against threats like unauthorized external access. In these and other ways, we actively protect individuals’ personal information.

  3. Types of personal information handled
  4. We handle personal information obtained or provided to us through this site.

  5. Use of personal information
  6. Personal information obtained from clients is used for the following purposes.
    - Responses to inquiries
    - To make contact with the user and provide guidance on our business
    - To ascertain statistical data on user access to the web site
    - To use in statistical documents in which individuals cannot personally be identified
    - Work pertaining to the above

  7. Provision of personal information to third parties
  8. Personal information you provide is not disclosed to third parties, except in the cases below.
    - Where consent has been obtained from the individual
    - Where disclosing or sharing personal information within the Mitsui-Soko group of companies* as required for the purposes of use stipulated in Article 3
    *The Mitsui-Soko Group consists of Mitsui-Soko Co., Ltd., Mitsui Soko Express Co., Ltd., Mitsui Soko Logistics Co., Ltd., Mitsui-Soko Supply Chain Solutions Co., Ltd., Mitsui-Soko Transport Co., Ltd., and their respective subsidiaries.
    - Where required by law to disclose
    - Where ordered to disclose by a court, police force, or other public institution

  9. External links from this site
  10. This site includes links to external sites not operated by our group of companies. We exercise the utmost care in selecting links, but we waive responsibility for the protection of personal information and content found on external web sites.

  11. This site’s personal information policy may be subject to change. The nature of changes will be made through publication of said changes.

  12. Inquiries regarding the above
  13. Address: 3-20-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0003
    Tel: 03-6400-8017
    Department: Mitsui-Soko Holdings Ltd., Project Development Office


Although we have taken great care in posting information on this website, we cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of this information. We reserve the right to change the information on this website at any time without notice.

Neither we nor any of our group companies shall be liable for any direct or indirect loss incurred by you as a result of your use of the information or content contained in this website.