Environmental Conservation Measures

The MITSUI-SOKO Group promotes the following initiatives to contribute to a decarbonized society and circular economy by proactively reducing our environmental impact.

Initiatives to Reduce Environmental Impact at Warehouse Facilities

Initiatives for Energy Conservation

The Group promotes energy conservation by upgrading facilities in its domestic warehouses and offices with LED lighting and highly efficient air conditioning equipment to reduce power consumption. We have planned upgrade constructions sequentially to complete the switchover to LED lighting in all our facilities in Japan by the end of FY2025. As of March 31, 2023, 72.9% (floor area ratio) of the logistics facilities owned by MITSUI-SOKO HOLDINGS and MITSUI-SOKO completed the installation of LED lighting.

Installation of Solar Panels

The Group has installed solar panels on the roofs of warehouses it has built to help reduce CO2 emissions.At the Kanto P&M Center Annex B, we installed our first self-consumption type photovoltaic (PV) system, which contributes to reducing the Group's CO2 emissions.
Reduction in power consumption in FY2022: 416,448 kWh (reduction effect: approx. 184 tons of CO2)
Kanto P&M Center, Annex A
Expected annual power generation is 360,000kw, or an annual CO2 reduction of 182 tons.
Tobishima Terminal Center
Expected annual power generation is 300,000kw, or an annual CO2 reduction of 151 tons.
Kansai P&M Center, Annex A
Expected annual power generation is 210,000kw, or an annual CO2 reduction of 118 tons.
Kansai P&M Center, Annex B
Expected annual power generation is 310,000kw, or an annual CO2 reduction of 156 tons.

Procurement of Renewable Energy

The Group aims to increase its renewable energy usage rate by switching to electricity plans generated from renewable energy sources, introducing corporate PPAs, and purchasing renewable energy certificates.

Rooftop Greening

We green the rooftops of our facilities to reduce the rise in roof temperatures, shield buildings from heat, and improve their landscaping.
Company name Site name Acreage
MITSUI-SOKO Co., Ltd. MSC Fukagawa Building, Annex 1 420㎡
MSC Fukagawa Building, Annex 2 495㎡
Tatsumi Office 1,680㎡
Tama Records Center 108㎡

Reuse of Resources and Reduction of Waste

In order to contribute to building a circular society, we are promoting initiatives to make effective use of limited resources and to increase economic productivity. We not only utilize recycled materials, such as bio-PE film and recycled resin pallets, but also develop and introduce logistics packages that can be material recycled and are designed to be durable. We develop these logistics packages from the perspective of the 6Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Refuse, Repair, and Remix), which also contribute to optimizing the transportation of customers' cargo and reducing logistics costs. In addition, internal efforts are being made to promote paperless offices as well as to improve operational efficiency by shifting to electronic approval and encouraging meetings that use digital devices to replace paper documents.

Initiatives for Biodiversity in Our Warehouses

The Group implements border security measures to prevent invasive alien species from entering its warehouse facilities as part of its compliance with laws and regulations and, when necessary, communicates its response to the relevant authorities.

Initiatives for Water Resources

Some of the Group's office facilities are equipped with water-saving management systems to conserve water resources.

Initiatives to Reduce Environmental Impact in Transportation

Energy-efficient Driving / Pilot Introduction of Electric Trucks

The Group promotes a shift to fuel-efficient, low-emission cars when replacing vehicles and energy-efficient driving to help reduce CO2 emissions. We also gradually introduce electric trucks that can realize zero-emission transportation without emitting CO2 or pollutants. In addition to reducing environmental impact, electric trucks also contribute to reducing the burden on drivers and solving noise problems through low-vibration driving.

Use of SAF in Air Transportation

The Group also works to reduce CO2 emissions in its supply chain (reduction in Scope 3). In 2022, MITSUI-SOKO EXPRESS and MITSUI-SOKO Supply Chain Solutions jointly participated in the SAF Flight Initiative: For the Next Generation, a new program launched by All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. to reduce CO2 emissions in the industrial value chain through the use of the sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). As a forwarder, we recognize that reducing CO2 emissions in international transportation is an important issue. We will continue to promote environmentally friendly initiatives to realize sustainable logistics services.

Initiatives to Reduce Environmental Impact through Business


The Group offers SustainaLink, a service that helps customers achieve supply chain sustainability through logistics. This service is designed to solve the three risks of environment, labor force, and disaster in the logistics industry. Various issues in our customers' supply chains will be solved through the three steps of knowing, visualizing, and improving using our Group's abundant logistics expertise.
For more information, please visit the SustainaLink special site.

Shared Warehousing / Joint Delivery Initiatives

The Group promotes joint warehousing and delivery, which reduces CO2 emissions and air pollution by collaborating with shippers and carriers to collect and deliver cargo, thereby reducing the number of vehicles used for transportation and distribution. This initiative simultaneously solves our customers' logistics issues by reducing distribution costs and enabling efficient delivery of small lots of various products.

Commitment to Modal Shift

The Group contributes to the reduction of environmental impact by promoting modal shift initiatives that switch transportation mode, such as shifting to sea and railroad transportation. The modal shift not only reduces CO2 emissions, but also improves transportation efficiency and resolves the shortage of truck drivers.

Sustainable Finance

As part of its efforts to promote ESG management, the Group issued green bonds and established a new logistics facility, Kanto P&M Center Office B, in June 2021 exclusively for its healthcare business, focusing on the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, which are the Group's growth areas.