MITSUI-SOKO Group's Sustainability

Our Approach to Sustainability and Management Framework

Our Approach to Sustainability

MITSUI-SOKO Group aims to help achieve a sustainable society and enhance our corporate value by creating new value as a corporate group that supports logistics, an indispensable form of social infrastructure.
  • 1. We will reduce our environmental impact and address social issues such as human rights, occupational health and safety, and diversity through our business activities.
  • 2. We will engage in highly transparent corporate management in order to continue to be a corporate group trusted by society.
  • 3. We will develop and maintain sound and trustworthy relationships through engagement with all of our stakeholders.
June 24, 2021
For our various sustainability policies, please refer to the List of Policies.


The Group promotes sustainability management in order to realize a sustainable society and to enhance our corporate value. The Sustainability Committee was established in October 2021 for the purpose of strengthening the organization to promote sustainability management. Chaired by Hirobumi Koga, Group CEO, the Committee examines strategies and policies regarding sustainability, implements and manages initiatives to achieve Materiality and target KPIs, reflects the opinions and advice of the Board of Directors in its initiatives, and supervises them through reports to the Board of Directors.

Sustainability Promotion Framework

  • Overall promotion of sustainability strategy and Committee management
  • Strategic planning for each subcommittee’s issues, progress in achieving KPI numerical targets, management of measures, new initiatives, and consideration of new KPIs
  • Sharing information on discussions and decisions made by the Sustainability Committee
  • Examination of and response to new trends that require addressing in the area of sustainability, and establish new subcommittees