Top Commitment

Message from the Group CEO

Through our logistics business, we will realize
a sustainable society and encourage progress.

For more than a century since its foundation, the MITSUI-SOKO Group has been expanding its scope of business in response to the needs of the times based on logistics, and has encouraged progress of the company and society by solving social issues in logistics. Even in times of rapid change, the role of our Group remains the same. To realize our Purpose—Empower society, encourage progress—even more vigorously, we will continue to connect the evolutions of customers and society as a co-creation logistics solution partner by earnestly addressing the sustainability issues surrounding us and the entire logistics industry.
The Medium-Term Management Plan 2022, which began in April 2022, sets forth measures to enhance the Group's corporate value and to realize a sustainable society.
One of the Group's growth strategies is to promote ESG initiatives, such as strengthening our efforts to realize a decarbonized society, expanding investment in human capital, and enhancing governance. By working on them, we will build a sound, reliable, and solid management foundation.
In addition to these, we will support our customers in achieving their sustainability through our business activities. Specifically, we will contribute to the development of our customers and society by providing SustainaLink, a service that helps resolve environmental, labor force, disaster, and other risks that threaten the sustainability of logistics.
Logistics is a fundamental element that supports people's daily lives, enriches industries, and achieves sustainable social growth while stimulating the economy. Under our philosophy of "Empower society, encourage progress," we will continue to place sustainability at the heart of our management and to support social activities from the bottom while promoting self-evolution in step with the times, moving the world in a better direction, and striving to realize a spiritually affluent and sustainable society. We appreciate your continued understanding and support of the MITSUI-SOKO Group.
President and Group CEO
Hirobumi Koga