Message from Group CEO

We aim for "sustainable growth" along with society.

This is Hirobumi Koga, President and CEO of MITSUI-SOKO HOLDINGS Co., Ltd.

For more than 100 years since its establishment in 1909, we, the MITSUI-SOKO Group, have continued to meet the increasingly diverse needs of society and customers through the provision of our logistics services.

Logistics plays a vital role as one of the infrastructures that support social life, and is the very foundation that backs up economic activities and people's safe and secure lives. The Group has been connecting countries with countries, industries with industries, people with people, and everything else in support of the evolution of society.

Based on our determination to "solve problems and create value through logistics," we will implement various measures based on our group philosophy as listed below to achieve sustainable growth both for society and for our customers and to enhance the corporate value of the Group.

Empower society, encourage progress

This is our Purpose (meaning of our existence).
This is the role that our Group should play and embodies our solid belief in the value we create for society. We aim to move the world in a better direction and help to realize a mindful and sustainable society.

The co-creative logistics solutions partner.
For everyday, emergency, and always will be

This is our Vision (what we want to become in the medium- to long-term span).
Over our more than 100-year history, the Group has fostered trust with customers, and as their logistics partner, we have supported their growth and walked alongside them. Even as society becomes more complex and diverse, we will continue to link our customers' businesses without disruption to logistics by mobilizing the collective strength of the Group.

Hirobumi Koga
President & CEO