MITSUI-SOKO Group’s Sustainability

Stakeholder Engagement

The MITSUI-SOKO Group, for over 100 years since its founding, has conducted corporate activities in connection with various regions and people around the world. Further, to build mutual trust with these diverse stakeholders, we place importance on active information disclosure and ongoing dialogue. By co-creating with our stakeholders, we aim to enhance our corporate value and realize a sustainable society.

Objectives of the Initiatives and Means of Communication

Stakeholders Purpose of the initiative Means of communication
Customers To continue to pursue highly satisfactory services that are trusted by our customers, and to realize a secure and comfortable society for people around the world through our business. Online and phone consultation services
Daily sales and service activities, information on website(Japanese and English)
Series of logistics articles
Business introduction videos on official YouTube channel
Provision of corporate activity information using digital signage displays
Participation in large-scale exhibitions and conduct online seminars
Shareholders / Investors To continuously improve corporate value and achieve fair market valuation while maintaining good communication that leads to investment decisions through sound business management and timely and appropriate information disclosure. General Meeting of Shareholders
Financial results briefings
Dissemination of information to investors and shareholders
(integrated reports, business reports, annual securities reports, sustainability data book etc.)
Small meetings and individual interviews with investors and shareholders
Shareholder surveys
Employees To promote systems that allow employees to feel rewarded in their work and the development of safe and healthy work environments, to ensure that each employee’s human rights are respected and they are able to maximize their abilities. Employment engagement surveys
Establishment of human rights policy and implementation of due diligence
Enhancement of training programs
Promotion of activity-based working (ABW) based on work style
Awards and contests (sales and business improvement categories)
Fair assessment system
Promotion of occupational health and safety and health management
Stress checks
Dissemination of information on the company Intranet, community activities, and in-house newsletters
Compliance Hotline (multilingual support)
Business partners To achieve stable and high-quality logistics services by building deep relationships of mutual trust and strengthening cooperation through sound transactions based on fairness and honesty, and co-existence and co-prosperity. Formulation and disclosure of basic policy on sustainable and responsible procurement
Fair, open, and transparent transactions
Cooperation in the event of a disaster
Quality improvement initiatives
Response to phone and e-mail inquiries
Government / Administration To co-create a better future for the logistics industry through dialogue and cooperation with government and industry groups, as well as conduct fair corporate activities in compliance with laws, regulations, and social norms. Legal and regulatory compliance
Dialogue and collaboration with business and industry groups
(Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Japan Association for Logistics and Transport, etc.)
Local communities To build good relationships with local communities, operate constructive businesses as a trusted company, and aim to create a society in which diverse people can co-exist in harmony. Approval of community initiatives
Donation activities (medical, artistic, research fields, etc.)
Lectures at universities
Contribution to communities and society through volunteer activities
Response to surveys and questionnaires

Interaction with Local Communities

We conduct exchanges with local communities through cleaning activities around our offices and logistics bases and participation in local events, and also engage in daily activities that place importance on relationships with the next generation of young people through such activities as interacting with them by giving lectures at universities.
Community Cleanup
Lectures at Universities

Contribution to Society

Free provision of MS CO2 Navigator for logistics CO2 calculation

As a social contribution toward a decarbonized society, we offer the MS CO2 Navigator on our corporate website as a tool that allows customers to easily calculate CO2 emissions per unit of 1 transportation for free. By simply entering three pieces of information regarding transportation (weight, mode of transportation, and origin/destination), customers can immediately determine the amount of CO2 emissions and compare the results of calculations for each transportation mode. This tool handles not only domestic but also international transportation.
※If you want to calculate CO2 emissions using large amounts of transportation data or find solutions to reduce CO2 emissions, please click here.

Donation Activities

As part of its social contribution activities, MITSUI-SOKO HOLDINGS donates to various fields, including arts (Mitsui Bunko, etc.), medicine, and research. The social contribution expenses for the year ended March 31, 2023 were 16 million yen.
※This amount does not include fundraising and volunteer activities made by employees on a personal basis, as well as political contributions.