Mitsui-Soko Express Co., Ltd. was established in July 2012 as a joint venture of Mitsui-Soko HD Co., Ltd. and Toyota Motor Corporation. This company is still new on the scene, but making a big splash. This new project revolves around Mitsui-Soko Co., Ltd.’s air forwarding business and brings together the freight transport division of the Japan Travel Bureau Foundation and Tas Express, a subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation devoted to air transport. Each company brings different strengths to the table, and we have continued to grow, enjoying the support of Japan’s leading firms in the automotive, chemical, electronics, and fashion industries, among others.

In April 2017, we migrated and brought together the various maritime transport functions of Mitsui-Soko Co., Ltd. and our group companies into one place. This has enhanced our ability to offer integrated air and sea transport, letting us dynamically cater to client needs in an even more granular fashion.

Since our founding and into the present, we have continuously posted healthy returns and rapidly stabilized our business base in a short time, creating an unshakeable foundation for future ventures. All of us wish to express our utmost gratitude to our customers and stakeholders for their ongoing support, without which none of this would have been possible.

We will continue enhancing our service level such that more and more customers want to continue ordering with Mitsui-Soko Express. We endeavor to contribute in major ways to your supply-chain management and other business needs. For example, Zendama Air™️ is a proprietary method we use to offer a universal SCM package. You may have an image of air transport being costly when it comes to fees for handling adverse events, and these providers as “Akudama,” or predatory. However, Zendama Air™️ inverts this idea (“Zendama” means conscientious) and manages to revolve around maritime transport while also proactively employing air transport to reduce logistical costs and simultaneously avoid out-of-inventory incidents, compress lead time, and keep inventory lean all at the same time.

Our fervent goal is to make your company more competitive through logistics and supply-chain management. We hope that our expertise and effort turns the gears to make processes smoother, bringing happiness to customers and joy to people everywhere.

Mitsui-Soko Express Co., Ltd.
Takanobu Kubo, President and CEO