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With many of our own facilities and over 100 years of accumulated storage and cargo loading know-how, we are able to provide the optimal distribution services for the special characteristics of our customers goods. Our distribution hubs are not just for the purposes of storing raw materials or inventory. They also are active in customer logistics as strategic locations for SCM from distribution processing to premachining.

■Warehouse storage

Our core capabilities lie in our know-how related to warehouse operations, which we have cultivated since our founding.
We have specialists with extensive experience who will be able to support you even for goods that require special care or sensitive temperature management, from foodstuffs and scientific supplies to fresh seafood, refrigerated goods, and hazardous materials. We work every day to improve the quality of our storage and delivery services, from developing proprietary packaging to the establishment of specialist facilities and more.

■Additional Inventory Services

A variety of distribution processing services are necessary until goods shipped from storage go into circulation. We also have experienced people who can also assist you in distribution processing, including warehouse assembly, labeling, assortment, softening measures, refilling, packaging, sample harvesting, and weighing.
We are also able to provide assistance with light work needed at the time of shipment including picking necessary at time of shipment for mail orders, opening and repacking, labeling, inserting leaflets/manuals, and gift wrapping.
In addition to the above, our company also offers inspection services beyond what is possible with a cursory visual check, including foreign substance checks, meter checks, tap checks, and odor checks.