Supply Chain Solutions

As distribution designers, we have used our know-how in supply chain management, covering upstream, downstream, and global distribution, to develop a variety of distribution solutions.

List of Services

  • Supply Chain Optimization Support

    By actively proposing improvements to distribution services processes from procurement through to sales distribution, we are able to support supply chain optimization such as inventory optimization, reduced lead time, and on-time deliveries.

  • Global Third Party Logistics Consulting

    As a third party logistics partner of companies looking to expand their businesses globally, we provide total solutions with thorough visualization and top-down looks at supply chains and optimally designed distribution networks.

  • Lead Logistics Partner

    We support our clients’ SCM and distribution not only at the operations and management level, but also at the planning and strategy level, making us the right partner for their change management and SCM reformation.

  • Logistics platform where manufacturing, distribution, and sales are closely linked

    We are able to seamlessly optimize distribution and stock levels between manufacturers and retailers (stores, e-commerce, omnichannel), and enable them to effectively share logistics infrastructures (warehouses, transportation systems, human resources), inventories, and operations.

  • Technical Logistics Platform

    We offer one-stop, last-mile delivery and various technical services for large appliances and furniture, home equipment, office equipment, and medical equipment. We also efficiently match the capacities of these services. Using our know-how in this area, we also support store operations from a logistical standpoint.

  • Distribution Channels and Local Tax Consulting

    With our distribution channels services, we support our customers in realizing their desired business model, and we propose solutions based on local tax risk assessments.

  • Coffee Systems

    Mitsui-Soko Logistics Co., Ltd offers sales of FRANKE Coffee Systems and handles all operations and services associated with their sales in Japan (distribution, engineering, call centers, after-market services, etc.).

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