In the Europe region, Mitsui-Soko Group covers the EU region, but is also focused on Central and Eastern Europe as a strategic distribution hub. Called the “Heart of Europe”, this region has seen many factories and operations facilities move here from Western Europe with the goal of cost reduction. We have also established 23 facilities here. With a prime location between Western and Eastern Europe and fully outfitted high-speed infrastructure as our weapons, we are set to provide logistics services across the whole of Europe.

We possess distribution centers equipped with the latest security measures for handling highly confidential work, and in-factory work is included in our one-stop distribution services. Combining our local partners’ extensive network with Mitsui-Soko Group’s Japanese corporate way of thinking and working, we can offer collaborative and high quality services which other European distribution companies cannot.

  • Bonded overland transport in the EU, Eastern Europe, Turkey, and other main industrially integrated areas
  • We are able to appropriately handle the unique regulations and standards of environmentally advanced countries in Europe.
  • Recommended by Czech customs, we have approximately 220,000 cases of clearing customs in the Czech Republic, one of the top 3 in the country.
  • Called “2-8” operations, we deliver parts every 2 hours, 8 times per day for just-in-time production.
  • AEO certified