Japan and Northeast Asia

In Japan and Northeast Asia, we have established facilities at the centers of suburbs of main cities. Our staff are familiar with the local conditions and provide excellent service. We are able to handle cargo in various ways, from fixed temperature warehouses (15±5℃) and hazardous item warehouses to general DRY warehouses (low floor, high floor), yard storage, and container storage. From sea or air transport which makes use of our warehouses in free trade zones to small lot deliveries, we offer seamless service. With our AEO certification and ISO9001 standards, we provide meticulous and high quality Japanese logistics service tailored to the special characteristics of a product.

Recently, we have used our knowledge of local conditions in Busan’s new port to propose shipping via the distribution center operations registered as a non-resident to make use of the free trade zone.

  • SKU management of electrical machinery parts
  • Document storage, MEDIA storage, scanning
  • Liquid crystal glass repacking in clean rooms
  • Handling raw materials such as pulp or resin
  • Fixed temperature storage of food items such as coffee beans

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