Harbor Transport

We operate efficient container terminals in Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Yokkaichi, Osaka, Kobe, and Moji which connect sea and land distribution.
We act as general agents for mostly overseas shipping companies and handle ships’ arrival and departure procedures at their ports of call, as well as issuing cargo certificates as supplementary agency work. Additionally, our knowledge and experience is put to good use in such conventional shipping tasks as proposing the optimal handling of any type of cargo.

List of Services

  • Container Terminals

    With our container terminal facilities, cargo loading hardware, advanced systems, and many years of accumulated know-how, our container terminals streamline work processes to make our operations more efficient.
    Using a wide variety of loading machinery, including transtainers and straddle carriers, in our large volume container yard, as well as the accurate confirmation and booking of container condition information when delivering container cargo, we are able to efficiently and accurately deliver and load cargo. At our empty container depots, we carefully store empty containers, manage their inventories, and conduct maintenance in order to deliver appropriate containers to cargo shippers. Throughout this sequence of terminal operations, we link the data obtained from our advanced systems in order to share container information with the shipping company, thereby providing full service through our container terminals. 

  • Conventional Shipping

    Using our years of know-how, we safely and carefully handle construction equipment and other large vehicles or heavy cargo which cannot fit in a container.
      Specialized ships and containers for carrying automobiles, construction equipment, and trucks sometimes cannot handle very large or heavy cargo, which must be stowed directly in a conventional ship’s hold for shipping. In such cases, we carefully consider the cargo’s characteristics and packaging methods and craft a loading plan for the ship. We strike a careful balance between maximizing the stowage of the ship and ensuring the safety of the loading procedure.

  • Shipping Agency

    We cover a wide range of agency work, from general agency and sub-agency, to cargo booking agency. Mostly we act as the point of contact for overseas shipping companies and act as a general agency which oversees various sub-agencies at local ports of call. As their agents, we provide support services for arrival and departure applications, issuance of cargo certifications and other documents, and other procedures related to the ship’s local port calls. We also put much energy into cargo booking operations, acting as the go-between for the shipping company and the cargo owner. Our network of shipping routes in Japan, China, and Southeast Asia is particularly extensive, and we handle cargo from materials to products, from container cargo to special or heavy cargo. We select the appropriate shipping route for any type of cargo, and for the appropriate shipping fee we provide safe and careful shipping which fulfills the requests of the cargo owner.