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Jakarta Area

PT. Mitsui-Soko Indonesia started offering logistics services mainly on warehousing and forwarding here in 1997. The Cakung Warehouse is located in the foremost strategic area of Jakarta which is in the northern part of this city and only 8 km away from Tanjung Priok Port (Jakarta Port).

Cakung Warehouse Outline

The Cakung Warehouse of PT. Mitsui-Soko Indonesia is a single-story, raised-floor building (site area: about 36,000 m2, total floor space: 13,010 m2 and an approximately 5,000 m2 open yard.
Since it is located in a convenient location only 8 km away from Tanjung Priok Port in Jakarta, many customers use this warehouse to handle their export cargo or as a base for delivery in the town.

Warehouse Spec

  • Land Area : 36,000m2
  • Building Area : 13,010m2 , other 450m2 Shed
  • Weight Capacity: 4t/m2

Warehouse A

  • Floor Area : 8,700m2
  • Year of Completion : 1997
  • Loading Bay : 27

Warehouse A

Warehouse B

  • Floor Area : 4,010m2
  • Year of Completion : 2014
  • Loading Bay : 6

Warehouse B

CCTV cameras and security guards constantly watch on a 24-hour basis

Cakung Warehouse

Address : Jl. Rorotan No.8 Kawasan Industri Cakung - Cilincing Jakarta Utara 14140, Indonesia
TEL : +62-21-4485-0123
FAX : +62-21-4485-1922
Contacts : Gino Artama (Sales team) +62-811-1143-563

Cikarang Area

The GIIC Warehouse of PT. Mitsui-Soko Indonesia was opened in April 2015 in the Greenland International Industrial Center (GIIC) Kota Deltamas in Cikarang, Bekasi.
The GIIC Warehouse is in a favorable location 45 km east of the center of Jakarta, 37 km from interchange of the Cikampek toll road, and only 10 minutes from the nearest highway interchange Cikarang Pusat. Also, the distances to Soekarno-Hatta International Airport and Tanjung Priok Port from the warehouse are 70 km and 60 km, respectively.

GIIC Warehouse Outline

The PT. Mitsui-Soko Indonesia GIIC Warehouse was completed in May 2015 is a single-story, raised-floor facility with a site area of roughly 53,700 m2 and a total floor space of about 31,500 m2. It contains 65 loading bays and 21 dock levelers. 30 CCTV cameras and security guards constantly watch on a 24-hour basis, so the products of our customers are in good hands.
This new warehouse is located in the GIIC (Greenland International Industrial Center), one of East Jarkarta’s industrial parks. Taking advantage of its prime location in the center of the industrial parks, the warehouse provides the capacity to store the raw materials used in factories of automobiles, consumer electronics and daily necessities. It also works as a distribution center for the delivery of products to market.
Combined with the Cakung Warehouse, which is located close to Tanjung Priok Port and was expanded in October 2014, PT. Mitsui-Soko Indonesia now owns a total of about 44,500 m2 of floor space in the greater Jakarta area.
Using the newly completed GIIC Warehouse as the primary facility, we will build an optimal supply chain management system capable of responding to Indonesia's growing demand for logistics services.

Warehouse Spec

  • Land Area : 53,750m2
  • Building Area : 31,500m2
  • Floor Area : 25,476m2
  • Year of Completion : 2015
  • Temperature Control Room (0℃~25℃): 1,320m2
  • Clean Room : 1,500m2
  • Weight Capacity: 4t/m2
  • Loading Bay : 65
  • Dock Leveler : 21
  • Rack Position : 9,264 pallets
  • Rental Office : 250m2
  • CCTV : 30

Clean Room

The clean room (1,500 m2) in the GIIC Warehouse is designed to be dust-proof and its temperature can be controlled between 20°C and 25°C. This facility is suitable for light work including the storage, sorting, inspection, packaging and labeling of special cargo which must avoid dust.

Temperature Control Room

The temperature control room of the GIIC Warehouse can control its temperature at a range from 0°C to 25°C. It can be used for the storage of cargo which requires strict temperature control at low temperature or for the refrigeration of products such as food and drugs. In order to prevent the cargo from being affected by external temperature when it is loaded and unloaded from refrigerated truck to this room or vice versa, the transfer area between the loading dock and the temperature control room can also be air-conditioned. A private power generation system is installed. Thus, even in the unlikely event of a power outage, cargo stored in this facility will not be damaged. The temperature control room is constantly monitored for its temperature at the office of the GIIC Warehouse.

Bonded cargo(GB)

PT. Mitsui-Soko Indonesia also has vast experience in handling bonded cargo. We have long experience of not only the applications for bonded warehouse entry and transportation in bond, but also various related operations, such as sorting and labeling, the classification of returnable cases/pallets returned from customers’ factories, and arrangements for re-export. We promptly respond to regular and irregular data reporting, support the management of the bond license period, inventory quantity and storage period. We also have competent staff members who are able to provide stable bonded warehouse operations to meet the various needs of our customers. In addition, a vehicle allocation system is in place so that we can respond quickly in case of emergency, during peak season or when the traffic is regulated. We offer value that contributes to building the supply chain of our customers.

GIIC Warehouse

Address : Greenland International Industri Center (GIIC) Jl. Boulevard Blok CB No.1, Desa Sukamukti, Kec. Bojong Mangu, Cikarang Pusat, Bekasi, Jawa Barat
TEL : +62-21-2851-7952
FAX : +62-21-2851-7953
Contacts : Gino Artama (Sales team) +62-811-1143-563

Surabaya / East Java

PT. Mitsui-Soko Indonesia NIP Warehouse was completed in October 2016 and is located in the Ngoro Industrial Park (NIP) in Mojokerto, East Java. The NIP Warehouse is located 43 km from Juanda International Airport(Surabaya Airport) and 55 km from Tanjung Perak Port(Surabaya Port).

NIP Warehouse Outline

The PT. Mitsui-Soko Indonesia NIP Warehouse is a single-story, raised-floor building with a site area of roughly 50,000 m2 and a total floor space of about 31,200 m2. Taking advantage of its prime location in the Ngoro Industrial Park near Surabaya, which is the center of economic activities in Eastern Indonesia, the warehouse provides the capacity to store the raw materials used in factories of automobiles, consumer electronics and daily necessities in this industrial park as well as the nearby PIER and SIER industrial parks. It also works as a distribution center for the delivery of products to the Indonesia domestic market. The warehouse can provide a clean environment in a high-quality warehouse based on the Japan standard, and therefore it is suitable for the storage of food and pharmaceutical products. Thanks to the completion of the NIP Warehouse, PT. Mitsui-Soko Indonesia now has hubs both in the east and west of Java, together with the Cakung Warehouse (13,000 m2) in Jakarta and the GIIC Warehouse (31,500 m2) in Cikarang. In order to cope with the supply chain management throughout Java and Indonesia, we continue to offer advanced logistics services having Japan Quality in both aspects of hardware and software.

Warehouse Spec

  • Land Area : 50,000m2
  • Building Area : 31,241m2
  • Floor Area : 26,533m2
  • Year of Completion : 2016
  • Weight Capacity: 4t/m2
  • Height : 10m
  • Loading Bay : 75
  • Dock Leveler : 30
  • Rental Office : 348m2

Since the effective ceiling height is 10 m, high storage racks can be installed.

The warehouse management system of MITSUI-SOKO enables accurate and efficient inventory management.

Highly functional warehouse featuring 75 loading bays and 30 dock levelers.

In addition to the raised floor, a unique drainage system has been developed, so the NIP Warehouse has a structure which will not retain rain water even after a squall.

NIP Warehouse

Address : Ngoro Industrial Park Blok G2-1 Jalan Raya Ngoro, Desa Lolawang Kec. Ngoro, Kab Mojokerto, East Jawa
TEL : +62-31-3000-0777
FAX : +62-31-3000-0112
Contacts : Gino Artama (Sales team) +62-811-1143-563

Forwarding / Customs Clearance

We intend to provide our customers with suitable import and export services integrated into a global distribution network and developed with the experience we have accumulated over many years of business and our knowledge of customs clearance and other laws and regulations in a variety of nations.


A variety of transport methods and processing tasks arise in export and import. From the export factory to the ship and out to sea. From embarkation procedures to transport, to route proposals to the import destination, to import-export procedures at each country’s customs, to loading the ship and embarking from the point of export, to securing the transport route to the destination port: our expert staff does it all.

Customs Clearance Service

Specialist staff who can conduct tax-related tasks and deal with inspections and reports as representatives of our customers are stationed in a variety of regions. We want to provide nothing short of perfection in our rapid support for changes in the procedures and custom clearance regime in various nations. We provide proposals as well - suggestions regarding route based on cargo characteristics, ascertainment of the laws and tariffs applicable to point of origin and destination, and safety and cost considerations fall into our purview.
There may be cases where changing the country of origin can ensure smooth handling for destinations where tariff barriers or inscrutable customs clearance inspections are causing issues. Through information acquired from hubs in various countries and handling by specialist teams who cater to their specific locations, we are able to provide proposals that combine flexible route construction with customs clearance services.


NVOCC sea transport

We negotiate on your behalf with ship operators to enter into a transport agreement based on the total volume of cargo you entrust to us. For ship lading, we use a CTB/L (combined transport bill of lading issued by our firm and create a one-stop, integrated hotline for you to work with us as we adapt our sea transport and freight services to the particularities of your cargo.
Inter-country door-to-door shipments are handled via NVOCC for surface shipments, with domestic shipment in the inbound country handled by our proprietary network of optimized shipping solutions, achieving greater efficiency.
In addition, we not only offer support from categories like from port to port, CY-CY FCL cargo and CFS-CFS LC cargo, but provide a global maritime logistics grid that meets your needs for trans-regional transport.