Logistics platform integrates manufacturing and sales for greater efficiency and eco-friendly approach

  • Supply chain solutions
  • Furniture and Home Appliances

Numerous appliance manufacturers and retailers


Creating a standardized system incorporating diverse needs

As part of integrating distribution of parcels for multiple manufacturers, we held close meetings with various manufacturers and retailers to understand their reciprocal needs in terms of shipment, storage, and cargo handling. This led to us creating a uniform system for label and data formats, as well as visualizing the benefits obtained through this ubiquitous approach. Using universal, simple rules, we achieved a highly ubiquitous system.


By standardizing the network linking manufacturers and retailers, we achieved a leading collaboration between industry, government, and academia.
Bringing together multiple manufacturers and retailers under one roof for joint warehousing achieved dramatic efficiency improvements. By loading and unloading merchandise directly in manufacturers’ warehouses, we can deliver straight to retailers’ distribution centers, cutting down on shipment costs and sharing personnel and warehouse spaces. In this way, joint shipping and distribution efforts make shipments more efficient, among other benefits.

Received award of merit from head secretary of Ministry of Land, Transport, Infrastructure, and Tourism

Our manufacturing+sales logistics platform brings together diverse product shipment systems into one and allows for integrating various shipment points. The result is a substantive 40% reduction in CO2 emissions. Furthermore, we have implemented cutting-edge initiatives such as a visualization of shipment routes that makes use of the Ministry of Land, Transport, Infrastructure, and Tourism’s ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) experiment, and we received an award of merit from the same ministry.

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