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Retail Stores


As the Chinese market expanded and matured, Retail Store A was opening new locations and expanding in the Shenzhen district. They were concerned that there were few warehouse companies in China which could manage inventory for many products at once and act as a reliable distribution center to send the necessary products every day without delay to their stores, as Japanese companies do.


We offered our warehouses in Shenzhen and Shekou as Japanese quality distribution centers in China which had acquired inventory management know-how from Japan. Using our inventory management system which we operate all over the world, we are able to reliably ascertain inventory data of more than 10,000 types of product while also preventing product losses and erroneous shipping. When shipping products from the warehouse, we used specialized containers and utensils in order to increase the convenience of stocking shelves after the products’ arrival at their stores.

We gave the floors of our warehouses anti-dust treatment and cleaned them thoroughly, maintaining their cleanliness thereafter. Also, to prevent the unlikely event of a burglary, we placed security cameras everywhere inside the warehouses and at the entrances, thus providing a distribution center with excellent security.