More quickly adjusting supply/demand balance by visualizing data on inventory at overseas sites

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The most critical aspect of logistics for the maintenance of aircraft is securing the proper balance of supply and demand. If additional stock of components runs out, this can cause aircraft to be grounded on the tarmac while new ones are procured. By contrast, maintaining vast stocks of inventory leads to steep maintenance costs. Pursuing proper maintenance-related logistics involves:
1. Rapid assessment of inventory at multiple sites and estimating inventory needed
2. Adjusting inventory positioning to stably cope with rapid spikes in demand
3. Reducing liabilities associated with returns, defects, and long-term inventory
and other issues.


We take a global stance to integrating systems and providing new services. This allows for integrating data from territories as diverse as the EU, Asia, and the USA on a global level and managing them through a unified system. This has allowed us to achieve the visualization of a multi-point inventory system, cargo packing and shipment, and long-term or defective inventory. Through this, we can optimize the allocation of sites and inventory volume, and restock or forward inventory to different sites as needed. This allows for achieving a fixed or minimum lead time. With advances like alerts of out-of-inventory and other details, decision-makers are given timely information they need to render a decision and keep the workflow moving.

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