Overseas Distribution

With over 30 years of history in overseas expansion and an expert staff with deep knowledge of global logistics, we provide support for our customer’s overseas expansion and continued localization of services. We provide comprehensive high value-added services beyond distribution alone, including cash flow, distribution channels, and information flow.

List of Services

  • Storage

    Our core capabilities lie in our know-how related to warehouse operations, which we have cultivated since our founding. Mitsui-Soko Group has expanded its global distribution locations to build a distribution network to support our customers’ businesses, particularly in the Asia-Pacific, which is undergoing continued economic development. In addition to the storage of materials and products, we also offer document management and storage services, which require meticulous handling.

  • Additional Warehouse Operational Services

    Our location will be responsible for the processes used at our customer’s factories and delivery centers as an outsourcing resource. Our overseas locations can achieve the same level of speed and efficiency as in Japan, and we welcome our customers to use our warehouses as the bases of operations for their distribution strategies.

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