Online Shopping

In the online shopping business, customers require a lot of care, from securing new and repeat customers, to reducing dormant or estranged customers. In order to approach customers and strengthen original products, it is important to take in customer comments for the purpose of marketing. Our service, skills, and resources can help make our customers’ online shopping marketing process more effective.

  • 1

    By collecting the voices of customers (VOC), the customers’ needs become clear, and product development and an appropriate sales approach can be designed.

  • 2

    By analyzing VOC, customers can have a clear image of what call centers should be like, their mission, KPIs, and other fundamental designs.

  • 3

    With our unique training program which incorporates social style theory, communication with the customer can be improved.

  • 4

    By collecting and analyzing the voices of employees (VOE) who are in charge of handling and listening to VOC, RMF analysis will clearly segment customers. We can also cross-sell dormant customers or promote regular purchasing.

  • 5

    With optimal SCM design for an internet shop, customer service can be improved while at the same time reducing costs.

  • 6

    We provide total solutions for the storage, packaging, and shipping of products which help reduce costs. We can also respond adaptably to urgent shipping requests.