Retail, Wholesale, and Everyday Consumer Goods

Retailers’ products are procured from all over the world, and selecting a distribution center to gather products produced in many different countries requires the consideration of various complex factors and a careful decision. Our solutions for retailers are unique in that they are not limited to sales distribution such as shipping from the DC to the store, or to individuals in the case of online shopping. Our domestic and international network allows us to comprehensively cover production and procurement distribution as well.

  • 1

    We can calculate and propose the optimal placement of DCs using simulation software.

  • 2

    We provide secondary services at DC locations, such as inspection of goods, gauging, labeling, and affixing price tags.

  • 3

    When exporting products from a DC location in the country of production to another location in another country, our global network allows us to do so optimally and efficiently.

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    Using our know-how gained in Japan, we can provide accurate and on-time delivery and online shopping services.

  • 5

    We also handle urgent and large volume orders requested by online shopping businesses.

  • 6

    We also provide installation services for large furniture and home appliances.

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