Our special organization handles the aerospace industry

For each of the processes involved in storage and land/sea transport in countries around the world, air transport to Japan, and storage and land/sea transport within Japan, our expert team is involved in the planning and handling of services related to the aerospace industry.

Procurement and distribution which avoids waste and strives for efficiency

At our inspection centers located at our overseas facilities, we avoid defects at the earliest opportunity and give advice on packaging which adheres to quality standards. In addition to storage and transport within Japan, we go the extra mile to increase our customers’ efficiency, including the external consignment of secondary work related to manufacturing.

Global facilities providing support from sales distribution to MRO distribution

We have locations in the U.S., Europe, and Asia in areas where the aeronautical industry is strong. With consideration for optimal facility placement, we provide support from 24/7 JIT delivery and call center answering to on-site emergency response, as well as supporting sales and maintenance systems.

Systems for high quality distribution and traceability

We have obtained AS9120 certification and carry out operations in accordance with those standards. We have a full array of global distribution management systems: an invoice creation, status management, and problem management system; an inventory management system based on demand trend analysis; and even temperature management and recording systems.

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