Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices

In distributing pharmaceuticals and medical items, not only are optimal storage facilities a must, but it is also important that management operations are safe, maintain quality, and are based on laws and regulations, licensing and certification. Not only have we cleared the strict inspection standards of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, but by obtaining licensing and certification related to pharmaceutical products, which is unique among Japanese logistics companies, we are able to provide peripheral services in addition to storage.

  • 1

    We have special facilities equipped for storage at 4 different temperature ranges, constructed with a base-isolated system, and with a BCP in place.

  • 2

    We have facilities in the Kanto, Chubu, Kansai, and Chugoku regions and are compatible with dual hubs in East and West Japan.

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    Our systems are in fully adherent to all laws and ordinances, with operations in accordance with good manufacturing practices and quality management system ordinances and compatibility with inspections by the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency. We have managing pharmacists and responsible technicians stationed at all times.

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    We hold licenses for pharmaceutical manufacturing and wholesale and are able to carry out all processes on pharmaceutical products, from in-factory processing to temporary storage to delivery.

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    We perform delivery tracking with our specialized information system.

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