MITSUI-SOKO Group by the Numbers

MITSUI-SOKO Group keeps evolving with a comprehensive lineup of logistics services and a power of various human resources.
Since its founding in 1909, the Group has supported clients all over the world in various ways.

Group Outline

Founded in1909 (Meiji 42)

Listed on First Section of
Tokyo Stock Exchange in

Number of Group

*Total number of the holding company and the consolidated subsidiaries

Number of Group


Number of countries
expanded into

Number of locations
at home and abroad

Warehouse Area
Equivalent to
50Tokyo Domes

*Calculated based on Tokyo Dome’s area of 46,800㎡
*Actual area: approximately 2.3 million ㎡

MITSUI-SOKO Group started in 1909 (Meiji 42) when the warehouse section of Japan’s first private bank, The Mitsui Bank, separated and became independent.
Responding to changes in the business environment and its customers’ needs, since its founding Mitsui-Soko Group has grown beyond its main warehouse business and now uses those capabilities to full effect in order to support distribution in many industry sectors and regions.
By increasing its business repertoire, it has secured its position as a fully functional global distribution company.


Consolidated sales
301.0billion yen

Overseas sales rate24.1%

Using its global network, the company achieved an overseas sales rate of 24.1% in 3/2022.
Even beyond Japan’s borders, the company provides the same high quality service, thereby establishing strong trust relationships with its customers.

Transaction Volume

Warehouse Storage Mass
Equivalent to

*Calculated based on TOKYO SKYTREE’s mass as approximately 36,000 tons (total mass of tower’s steel beams, including observation decks)
*Actual mass: approximately 475,000 tons/year on average (in Japan)

Air Transport Cargo
Mass Equivalent to
860cargo planes/year

*Converted from 80 tons per 1 cargo plane
*Actual mass: approximately 68,000 tons/year

Sea Transport Cargo
Mass Equivalent to

*"container" = 20ft container

Surface Transport Cargo
Mass Equivalent to
0.89 million

*Converted from 10 tons/truckload, Avg.60km/tons
*Actual mass: approximately 540 million tons-km/year

MITSUI-SOKO Group has supported its customers’ wide range of distribution needs across industries and sectors.
With its full lineup of land, sea, and air distribution capabilities, the company’s strength lies in its ability to build distribution systems using its deep pool of knowledge and provide comprehensive solutions across the entire group to address its customers’ distribution-related issues.
Additionally, the company is able to use its expertise and fully outfitted facilities to maintain the quality of medications, automotive parts, artworks, or other cargo requiring specially maintained environments, thereby gaining our customers’ trust.

*All the data is accurate as of March 2022