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Economical and Reliable Storage Service for the Documents in Your Office

Only 100 yen/month per box! Even one box is OK.

"Too many documents in our office." "I can't find the necessary document." "We want to store documents outside but it is troublesome." "We are concerned about information leakage if we store documents outside." The Mitsui-Soko Smart Shoko service solves these problems easily, economically and assuredly. We can keep your office documents reliably only at 100 yen/month per box.

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Complete online procedure from order to taking out

All you need to do is to apply on our website, put your documents in the boxes to be supplied, and give them to the driver of the specified parcel delivery company. You can take every procedure online from payment to registering your address so that we can deliver boxes to you.

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6 easy steps to start this service.

Centralized management of documents in the office and an external warehouse

A free app, which enables you to manage internal documents, is available. Files and books can be registered and searched one by one and managed collectively on our system. You do not have to waste your time any more for document management!

Click here to see the details of our document management app.

Recommended Solutions

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