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We fully cover the logistics from procurement of overseas manufactured products to delivery to stores and homes around the world.

From Procurement to Delivery to Individual Homes

Our service starts from the management of countless thousands of procured items. We assist in identifying optimal procurement logistics bases from the trends in the producing country and establish an ideal delivery network to ship to market. We also provide services from customs clearance operations to product delivery into individual stores and homes, while assuring traceability. For home electronics and furniture, we can install and assemble as needed.

From Pickup and Packing to Payment

A system for flexibly managing several tens thousands of items is available. By linking this to your current ordering and inventory management systems, stock and delivery conditions can be checked on a real time basis. From opening and picking of inventory stored in package units, picking for individual orders, re-packaging and re-delivery arrangement to payment including cash on delivery (COD), our one-stop service covers everything.

Case Study

Reduced costs and improve efficiency were achieved by outsourcing the distribution center operations to us.

  • Warehouse space and personnel expenses were converted from fixed to variable costs.
  • This enabled the smooth opening of the first overseas store.
  • We provided the total service from customs clearance to inventory management and delivery.
Case Study

Providing a distribution center which can properly perform complicated inventory management operations in China

  • Lack of warehouses which can perform distribution center functions with Japanese quality in China.
  • Providing a distribution center in which the know-how of Japanese inventory management is incorporated.
  • Sufficient consideration for prevention of loss, incorrect release and theft.
Case Study
Trading company dealing in miscellaneous goods

Preventing defective products from entering into Japan by conducting inspections which required man-hours and costs

  • Arranging experienced inspection staff at local distribution processing centers
  • Constructing a scheme to ask Japan if it is hard to determine whether there is a defect or not
  • Analyzing defective trends of each lot and submitting a report

Recommended Solutions

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