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Our specialized facilities and organizations in compliance with all regulatory and statutory requirements realize not only highly efficient logistics, but also safety and reliability.

Qualifications and Dedicated Facilities Covering All Processes from R&D to Sales and Distribution

We have highly specialized facilities to store drugs and medical devices at four temperature levels (normal temperature, constant temperature, refrigeration and freezing) in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture and Kazo City, Saitama Prefecture. Having acquired various licenses including Pharmaceutical Manufacturer License, we can provide outsourcing services from storage to distribution processing and release judgment of investigational products. Use of these outsourcing services enables our clients to improve their work efficiency and reduce costs.

Our Advanced Facilities

Expert Staff with authorized Legal Qualifications

At our pharmaceutical storage facilities, fully in compliance with the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and QMS (Quality Management System) Ministerial Ordinances, supervising pharmacists and responsible technicians are working around the clock. Our qualified personnel provide services related to regulatory application, distribution processing, as well as logistics and document management for clinical trials.

Our Currently Held Japanese Licenses

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturer License
  • In Vitro Diagnostic Manufacturer License
  • Medical Device Manufacturer License
  • Cosmetic Manufacturer License
  • Quasi-drug Manufacturer License
  • Pharmaceutical Wholesaler License
  • License for Selling Highly Controlled Medical Devices
  • License for General Selling of Poisonous and Deleterious Substances

Exhaustive Safety Measures and Traceability for BCP

Our facilities enable our clients to establish their operational bases separately in both East and West Japan, which is suitable for their business continuity planning (BCP). All the facilities are built on solid ground with the latest seismic isolation structures to minimize the impact of earthquakes. Operations in the facilities are completely standardized through the introduction of material handling equipment, such as a vocal release check system. This provides a work environment where complicated work procedures are eliminated and all the staff can work skillfully. We also have a delivery system which ensures traceability of each shipment and implements all available measures to prevent human errors.


Inquiries about Healthcare logistics
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Case Study
Japanese medical device manufacturer

Eliminated redundant distribution processes, enables great reduction of costs

  • After sterilization, loaded medical equipments directly into warehouses without returning them to the factory.
  • Implemented distribution processing at the warehouse with Medical Device Manufacturer License.
  • Improved inventory accuracy through the introduction of our original medical device management system.
Case Study
Japanese pharmaceutical manufacturer

Large stocks of investigational products in several tens of thousands of boxes are stored and shipped free of human error

  • Reduced errors to zero for larger inventories which cannot be controlled by relevant numbers by introducing the voice recognition system
  • Reduced errors to zero thanks to a voice recognition system.
  • Improved the distribution process accordingly.

Recommended Solutions

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