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We provide a comprehensive logistics solutions as a 3PL (third-party logistics) partner of companies promoting business globally.

Reliable Management based on Our Optimal Logistics Network Design and Visualization

We provide comprehensive 3PL services from logistics design to selection and management of suppliers in individual areas from procurement in production countries to delivery at consumption countries. For conflicting element issues, such as cost, quality and speed, we offer optimal solutions formulated by adding the latest technologies to our long-cultivated expertise.
When implementing these solutions, logistics suppliers are verified through periodic bidding in applicable countries and areas, thereby promoting continual improvement.

Global Management System for customers to concentrate on the Core Businesses

As a global management system, our local subsidiaries manage logistics suppliers as an area 3PL function and provide detailed services. A global 3PL office is established at our headquarters to supervise the entire system and to collect all information. This organizational structure enables formulating a worldwide competitive logistics strategy.

Optimal Supply Chain Solutions Calculated by the Latest Simulator

Our cutting-edge software identifies the most reasonable locations and designs optimal network from production and shipment records. We also propose safety stock level and reorder quantity in order to maintain adequate inventory while preventing being out of stock.

Ideal Information Sharing and KPI Management

Documenting the whole operational processes in manuals and introducing globally common systems prevent logistics information from being concealed and ensure proper internal control. Furthermore, we set KPIs needed for our clients, thereby constantly monitoring their changing logistics situations and taking prompt action for continual improvement.

Case Study
Manufacturer of daily necessities

Achieved cost reduction on a global basis by thoroughly improving efficiency using third-party logistics (3PL)

  • At the initial stage of introduction, a 10% reduction in the logistics expenses was achieved and costs continued to reduce after that.
  • The client's workforce was concentrated on the core businesses.
  • Through common KPIs and rules, issues are being shared and in continually improved.
Case Study
Electronics manufacturer

Enhancement of sales competitiveness by reorganizing stock points

  • Reviewing the shipping and delivery scheme from Hong Kong to North America.
  • Reduction of logistics costs of US$5 million by reorganizing and increasing stock points.
  • Improving efficiency of the entire system by examining the ocean freight as well.
Case Study
Material manufacturer

Promoting operational improvement through in-depth review of the entire supply chain

  • Cost reduction and quality improvement by outsourcing of the logistics function.
  • Operational improvement, such as optimal site allocation based on an algorithm analysis.
  • Effective operation of a PDCA cycle through periodic KPI reporting and information sharing.
Case Study
Japanese Tier 1 automotive component manufacturer

Substantial improvement of inventory accuracy through the realization of just-in-time (JIT) delivery linked with the system

  • Establishment of a system directly connecting the production control system with their warehouses
  • JIT delivery eight times a day every 2 hours
  • Introduction of a scanning process of all parts to prevent human error
Case Study
Pharmaceutical manufacturer

Building a transport and management system satisfying the severe delivery requirements of US major retailers

  • Managing operations from transport, storage to delivery and improving efficiency
  • Directly connecting the clients' systems with our warehouses, thereby improving the efficiency of incoming and outgoing management
  • Reduced incorrect releases with the help of lot number scanning at the time of incoming and outgoing

Recommended Solutions

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