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On-time progress is crucial for on-time progress of overseas plant construction and line expansion. You can entrust these projects to us as a complete package from packing and transport of equipment to progress management of the whole project.

Abundant Experience from Packing to Local Installation

So far we have carried out numerous projects of transporting large equipment and machinery from several hundred to thousand tons, such as large pressing machines and manufacturing lines, mainly in China, Asia and North and South Americas. We provide the service as a whole package from disassembly, unloading, packing for export, transport and reinstallation, based on our considerable experience in transporting various types and quantity of equipment around the world.

Well-experienced Services Supporting Quick and Accurate Shipments

Our wide range of networks enables us to set up a packing factory close to our client's plant at the time of export. Measuring the equipment at the factory in advance allows us to prearrange packing materials to shorten lead time. We also use Zerust® film, which has excellent rust-proofing performance, for packing of precision devices. Packaging is transparent: we use a barrier sheet and attach a photo of any nameplate so that the contents of a package can be recognized without opening it. The best packing service is provided through a partnership with highly experienced packing suppliers.

Recommended Solutions

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