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Our logistics service network in Japan and overseas handles about 30% of the total distribution volume of consumer electronics in Japan. We can provide comprehensive support for this industry from procurement to sales distribution and installation.

Comprehensive Logistics System from Upstream to Downstream

We support the entire SCM (Supply Chain Management) logistics of finished products including consumer electronics.By means of our sales logistic services connect warehouses in manufacturing areas to those in consumption areas efficiently through development of facilities, advancement of information systems and joint delivery in addition to procurement logistics and production logistics.
We also provide complete support for orders, repair, and returned goods to improve efficiency, except for the sales activities.

Improvement of Efficiency through Sophisticated Domestic Transport Technology

Making use of round-trip hauls allows us to reduce transportation costs and improve vehicle uptime. We allocate a major dozen relay points to build nationwide logistics network from line hauls to delivery at users in consumption areas. We also promote joint delivery for the goods for more than one client from logistics centers consumption areas to the final destinations providing more efficient and streamlined services.

Improving Storage and Cargo Handling Operation Efficiency

We manage location, date, lot so that realize first-in first out operation with satisfying our clients' needs based on a system which can manage the whole process from receiving, locating, picking and unloading. Our own unique systems and material handling equipment can automatically judge product features and its labor stock levels and determine the optimal storage location. This enables us to manage warehouses improving storage efficiency and work productivity.
Warehouse operations are also standardized with a system incorporating the ASN (Advanced Shipping Notice) function and an operation system based on product features supports this work, thereby improving efficiency while maintaining high quality.

Concentrated Management of Consumables and Accessories

We can also store and manage consumables and accessories for home electronics as well as sales promotional items. Periodic delivery from a centralized administrative logistics center to distribution centers enables us to cope with small lot delivery. We have expertise in handling a wide variety of consumables and parts in small quantities.

Providing Last One Mile Operations as a Whole Package

We are also good at delivery of home electronics and furniture to the consumers' home and installation there. We can provide industry-specific services, such as an advance check of the delivery date, payment transaction including COD (cash on delivery), pickup and recycling forms. Our logistics service even covers picking-up electric appliances already delivered. Our customer center responds to requests related to all relevant operations.
For commercial equipment distribution mainly B to B transactions, we can fully support the last one mile to final destination such as protection for transport of unpackaged products, direct delivery to the field installation and trial operation.

Case Study
International home appliance manufacturer

Developing the supply chain management (SCM) system for direct marketing to mass retailers

  • Total consulting from inventory management and system architecture to global SCM
  • Established a direct sales logistics scheme as specified in the business plan
  • Improved efficiency and cost reduction of distribution processing for the Japanese market

Recommended Solutions

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