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Recommended Solutions

While determining sales boosting points from the collected VOC, we develop and implement optimal marketing strategy for many clients. We can also identify new business opportunities to further enhance customer satisfaction.

E-commerce and Mail Order Business Operators and Distributors

As a measure to increase sales, we know not only how to acquire new customers but also increasing repeat business are essential. Thus, we want to incorporate the voice of the customer (VOC) into our approach for this purpose and to develop our private labels." Our clients can count on us to satisfy these needs.

Specifically, we analyze the VOC and review management quality of call centers; to identify needs; and reflect them into product development. This clarification of needs enables our clients to design their sales approach more specifically and prevent customer stagnation or defection.
Analysis of VOC also clarifies how a call center should operate and designs fundamental elements such as mission and KPIs. In the field of personnel development, we implement our own unique training programs incorporating the Theory of Social Styles to enhance our clients’ communication skills with their customers.

Recommended Solutions

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