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We deliver large consumer electronics and furniture bought in store or online to the customers’ homes. This service ranges not only from delivery and installation, but also to receipt of payment, in addition to incidental services such as pickup and transport of used appliances when recycling regulations apply.

Delivery of Electric Appliances to Individual Homes All Over Japan

Smooth response to cargo owners' needs is available through our customer centers nationwide.

Full Lineup of Services for Last One Mile

Delivery and installation of large items can be implemented through our center point more than 200 in Japan at designated day and time instructed by shop or online store. We can also handle relay from the logistics center to delivery depot, payment receipt including COD (cash on delivery), and pickup of appliances covered by the Home Appliance Recycling Act.

<Applicable Appliances>

  • Home electronics (e.g. delivery and installation of air-conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines)
  • Furniture (delivery, assembly and installation)

Smooth Data Management using a Dedicated System

We have a delivery and installation system which can collectively control the records of shipments and installations. This system enables us to automatically select an installation agent based on a request from the cargo owner, send instruction forms, and to seamlessly manage reports of scheduled delivery dates and completion.

Concentrated Management of Consumables and Accessories/Parts

We can also store and manage consumables and accessories for home electronics, as well as sales promotional items. Periodic delivery from a centrally managed distribution center to individual depots enables us to cope with even small lot deliveries. We have expertise in handling a wide variety of consumables and materials in small quantities.

Also Handling Returns and Goods Other than Consumer Electronics

Our service covers goods returned due to defective: our comprehensive return logistics cover from packing at the customer's house, pickup and temporary storage up to administrative work to fill in the return forms. We also have experience in applying the same scheme to other than home appliances, such as furniture.

Recommended Solutions

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