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Reducing Costs by Transferring Storage and
Distribution Processing from Japan to China.

Prerequisites for Transferring Storage and Distribution Processing to China

Salient Points of Mitsui-Soko's Inventory Scheme in China

Shuttle Pipeline Service

The service is set up so that shipping from Shanghai to Tokyo by sea is available daily from Tuesday through Saturday.
In addition, HDS (Hot Delivery Service) is available twice a week. Rates are reasonable and we have made them simple to understand, just like for home delivery services.

High Japanese-quality service

Mitsui-Soko securely manages storage and distribution processing operations transferred to China, thereby guaranteeing high Japanese-quality.

Procurement service

Mitsui-Soko's service also includes temporarily purchasing of imported cargo on behalf of our clients for storage in China.
We offer greater potential for logistics through inexpensive distribution costs, using drop shipments, and improving operating cash flow.

Recommended Solutions

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