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Recommended Solutions

Exhibition logistics with a expert touch from vehicle transportation.

Offering Customized Total Coordination for International Automobile Exhibition from Annual Show Schedules

Automotive shows and test-drive events are held all around the globe. One vehicle can travel to participate in many of them. From the annual show schedules we strive to provide the optimal transport service in consideration of lead time and cost. The know-how is also extended to our regular show event shipments.

Reliable Service Quality Transportation of One and Only Exhibition Automobiles

Exhibition automobiles, such as concept cars, are often one and only with no replacement. We provide high-quality service, using sophisticated packing technology to transport these exclusive products in perfect condition, on our reliable transport routes, and various backup measures.

One-stop Service from Customs Clearance to Requested Delivery Site

Many cases import of automobiles for exhibitions can be handled as a temporary import with free of charge, with ATA carnet for customs clearance. Our expert staff, well-experienced on local customs clearance procedures for each destination can take care of each situation efficiently. Our accumulated experience enables us to propose the optimal loading and unloading operations and routes which best suites each case.

Recommended Solutions

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