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Recommended Solutions

From pickup at origin, inspection and custom process, to final delivery at Retailer we provide exclusive one-stop service.

Reliable Transport for Variety in Item Numbers under a Tight Schedule

Even for apparels with unique item numbers by their color and size, traceability is assured by linking product codes with delivery codes through system collaboration with our clients. Also providing quicker customs clearance and precise delivery to each store. Our experience shows we can handle situation with the shortest lead time. For example, products arriving in Japan at 7:00 in the morning can be cleared customs in the morning, sorted and arranged for delivery in the afternoon, and delivered to shops before the opening of the following day.

Automated Customs Clearance Operations

FTake advantage of our efficient and automated import. We handle the entire process from calculation of declaration value for directly linked to import custom through automated system NACCS, as well as application for import licenses best suited for luxury brand imports.
We can smoothly handle large amounts of application documents, for example, 500 commercial invoices*, 1,000 packing lists** or 25 declarations.

*: Invoice
A statement and bill of transaction issued by an exporter to an importer

**: Packing list
Itemized list of products with information such as descriptions, quantities and weight for each package

Recommended Solutions

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