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Our professional team with abundant knowledge of the aerospace industry, an aggregate of precision parts, supports entire supply chains not only in Japan, but globally.

Locations and Personnel Specializing in Aerospace Logistics

Individual processes of storage and land and sea transport around the world, air cargo to Japan, and domestic handling are planned and implemented by our expertteam specialized in services for the aerospace industry. Our office network covers the major areas of the industry in the U.S., Europe and Asia. We, therefore, can provide exhaustive services ranging from site arrangement optimal to the logistics for our clients to support 24/7 just-in-time (JIT) delivery, call center operations, and local emergency response, in addition to sales and maintenance.

Efficient Logistics Services from Global Procurement to Transport within Japan

Our office network and wide range of support services enable our clients to improve efficiency of their logistics processes.
In global procurement, the inspection center at our office checks the goods, thereby preventing defective items from entering Japan and supervises packing to conform to the strict quality standards. Upon arrival in Japan, in addition to storage and delivery, we provide support for any incidental operations related to manufacturing that our clients can outsource. This also contributes to the improvement of their work efficiency.

Traceability Ranging from Sales Logistics to MRO Logistics

Storage of a wide variety of products in small quantities and frequent delivery of small lots are required for MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations) logistics. We can satisfy these requirements with our highly computerized system which enables rigid inventory management, while ensuring traceability. Our expert team in compliance with AS9120 standard performs operations from setup of sites to their management.

Case Study
Aerospace Industry

Enabling prompt adjustment of the demand-and-supply balance
while exposing inventory information at global sites.

  • A new system concept for centralized management of data at all sites.
  • Quick decision making when a problem occurs thanks to visualizing inventory information.
  • Avoiding risks based on various predictions.

Recommended Solutions

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