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Recommended Solutions

Asset-based lending (ABL) is a new financing system. We work as a reliable bridge between the cargo owners and financial institutions.

ABL with Reliable Inventory Information Managed by the Warehouse Company

By using the WMS specially designed for ABL, we can provide the reliable warehouse services such as the real-time and accurate inventory monitoring, consolidated collateral inventory management, and maintenance of the pledged inventory at the time of default on behalf of the cargo owners. In this way, together with our partner, Personal Property Appraiser, we guarantee proper implementation of ABL to financial institutions.

Our Sophisticated Warehouse Management System Guaranteeing Reliability to Financial Institutions

Upon inventory monitoring, an important element of ABL, our ABL Inventory Management System only extracts the pledged inventory out of the whole inventory and provide inventory information on value term basis to the financial institutions. The system also has the email alert function and the shipping suspension function in case when the inventory reaches a lower limit so that the appraised value will not drop below the loan amount.

Recommended Solutions

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