Site Policy

Mitsui-Soko Holdings respects the personal information of the visitors of its website, and is committed to privacy protection.

  • With regards to the handling of Mitsui-Soko Holdings clients' personal information, Mitsui-Soko Holdings has placed a chief administrator, and will carry out appropriate management. Not only to prevent leakage of information, but to prevent risks such as unauthorized external accesses etc., Mitsui-Soko Holdings has implemented appropriate and reasonable levels of safety precautions, and is committed to protecting its clients' personal information.
  • When viewing Mitsui-Soko Holdings website, Mitsui-Soko Holdings' clients will not be asked to provide personal information such as addresses and names. However, Mitsui-Soko Holdings' website has an inquiry page, and that page may ask for your personal information. In such situations, please provide information within the necessary boundaries.
  • Personal information that has been provided to Mitsui-Soko Holdings by its clients will not be disclosed to a third party. However, if disclosure is requested by law、or is required by public institutions such as court or the police, Mitsui-Soko Holdings may disclose personal information without our clients' consent.
  • With regards to the handling of our clients' personal information, Mitsui-Soko Holdings will review and improve the above sections as deemed appropriate.

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