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We introduce our extensive know-how on the acquisition, management and operation of real estate,
accumulated while establishing and maintaining our business bases around the world.

Long-refined Land-use Skills Originating from Our Warehousing Business

A history that began with our warehousing business and spans more than a century, is combined with expertise cultivated over many years in utilizing a wide array of land holdings. Keeping pace with the changing times, former logistics sites are being transformed into comfortable urban environments. We are redeveloping urban real estate and contributing to the development of local communities, to the delight of the customers that make use of them.
Even now, we promote the appropriate management and operation to meet the needs of our time, with a focus on our urban properties in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

Excellent Facility Management Know-how

We offer our expertise, developed while operating and managing numerous facilities, including our own offices and warehouses in Japan and overseas, to our clients. Our proposals include visualization of assets and fixtures and the best arrangements through ideal facility management; proper procurement methods of facility assets depending on their need and importance; and the optimized purchase of facilities.

Our Soltuions

Mitsui-Soko Group's Strategic Logistics Solutions

You can see our various strategic logistics solutions provided based on the business category, product features and business models of our clients, in e-commerce, healthcare, aerospace, consumer electronics, apparel, automotive, finance…

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