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Our global network, human resources and solutions provide support, enabling you to develop optimal logistics strategies for your global business.

Our Network and High Quality Services Covering the Globe

Smooth, safe and efficient logistics are essential for the success of global business. We have established and operate our own subsidiaries and logistics bases around the world for many years. This network provides high quality services to our clients regardless of their industry, business and product. No matter where you are in the world, you can be assured of Japanese quality.

Our Logistics Specialists for Optimal Global Strategies

Our experts who are well-versed in the customs procedures and transportation schemes around the world support your global logistics planning from various angles. We identify the strategy having the best balance of speed, quality, safety and efficiency, while adding our know-how on local operations and business practices, which has been cultivated through long experience, to logical optimization plans developed by our simulator.

Our Ability to Formulate and Implement Solutions

Based on the latest information and global situations, we always strive to find the best solutions for transportation in all areas of the world. Armed with our years of experience and negotiation skills, we have even clarified various roadblocks when we provide these solutions to our clients, such as procedures and arrangements that differ from country to country. Thus, we enable our clients to use our global logistics solutions smoothly without causing extra work.

Our Soltuions

Mitsui-Soko Group's Strategic Logistics Solutions

You can see our various strategic logistics solutions provided based on the business category, product features and business models of our clients, in e-commerce, healthcare, aerospace, consumer electronics, apparel, automotive, finance…

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