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A Wide Range of Transport Measures Ensuring Reliable Delivery

Selecting and Proposing the Best Solutions Based on Our Knowledge and Experience

We propose optimal land transportation measures, while utilizing our knowledge acquired from first-hand and long experience on the best practices in this field. What we suggest will be the best service for you, including transportation mode, obtained as a result of thorough consideration of your cargo features, quantity, required lead time, quality and costs. We can select special specification vehicles suitable for shipping of cold storage items, dangerous goods, heavy objects and liquids or determine the types of trucks in consideration of the destination situations. We can also collect and deliver industrial wastes.

Total Design Combined with Optimal Transportation Measures

Based on the freshest local information that only we can grasp since we operate logistics bases around the world, we design routes and select carriers. Depending on the local situation, we sometimes combine sea and air transportation or use the rails in addition to trucks, realizing smooth cross-border delivery.

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