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Our cutting-edge facilities and systems, uniquely developed while anticipating the logistics quality needed by our clients, support our overall capabilities.

Highly Functional Facilities Providing Quality Logistics Support

In order to satisfy the optimal storage requirements of various products, warehouses designed with leading-edge specifications are available. Recently, we constructed highly functional facilities for pharmaceuticals and medical devices in Kobe City and Saitama Prefecture. We also have several dedicated buildings for document management and storage. Our warehouses and distribution centers have advanced logistics functions enabling us to provide high quality services, such as earthquake-resistant design and the latest fire extinguishing system in consideration of the increasing need for business continuity planning (BCP), and our highly standardized and systematized shipping structure is designed to eliminate human error.

Up-to-date Information Technology System Supporting Smart Logistics

For optimization of logistics, logical information for decision making based on data and statistics is essential, in addition to knowledge and experience. At the strategy planning stage, we prepare this information and fully utilize our dedicated computer programs to determine optimal logistics site arrangement and simulators to calculate temperature variation for refrigerated transportation. In the actual logistics process, we implement the PDCA (plan-do-check-act) cycle to ensure continual improvement, combined with a traceability system, which makes cargo movement visible, using the order management system, where shipping and delivery are linked with the order information, and a KPI (key performance indicators) monitoring system.

Secure Data Storage Supporting the Information Strategy

Our data center manages a huge volume of data including inventory information and cargo trends to support our clients' logistics, digitized document information, and sales records for mail order and e-commerce operators. Therefore, it is divided into two facilities: the main center and a subcenter which are physically separated. Not only data, but also systems are duplicated, and individual facilities have several private power generators, thereby achieving a strong BCP structure.

Assuring Visible Quality

We not only develop our knowledge and experience, but also acquire various certifications to establish and maintain the quality management system and adequate procedures which enable us to satisfy a wide range of client needs so that they can trust us when outsourcing their operations.
We have an operational quality management system based on ISO 9001 and an information security management system in compliance with ISO 27001. Furthermore, we have a wide variety of licenses and certifications. For food related services, we are preparing to acquire the Organic Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS) Certification and Registration of Food Facilities with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). We have certifications for healthcare products, such as ISO 13485, production control of bio-derived products, and accreditation of a foreign manufacturer, in addition to AS9120 for the aerospace industry. We also have facilities designated as plant and animal quarantine stations to handle customs clearance of flora and fauna.

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Mitsui-Soko Group's Strategic Logistics Solutions

You can see our various strategic logistics solutions provided based on the business category, product features and business models of our clients, in e-commerce, healthcare, aerospace, consumer electronics, apparel, automotive, finance…

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