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One-stop Centers for All You Need in Logistics

Our Domestic and Global Network Creating High Logistics Value

Like products evaluated in the market for quality, logistics for delivering articles also have quality. Our own warehouses located in Japan and globally have state-of-the-art facilities and highly developed storage technologies which provide high quality to your logistics at the same level everywhere in the world.

Distribution Processing at Your Disposal

Operations at our distribution centers are not limited to storing your products. Our warehouse facilities can cope with various needs, and smoothly implement any warehouse operations, such as sorting, inspections and labeling, with a high level of quality. By combining these functions with logistics, an even more efficient delivery process can be achieved.

Cutting-edge Technology to Protect Your Articles

In order to ensure safe and high quality storage, various functions and development of adequate work procedures that depend on the product are necessary for controlling environment, including humidity, temperature and brightness. For example, we have acquired a license for vaccine storage, classifying us as a biological product manufacturer, in addition to accreditation of a foreign manufacturer for clients of the healthcare industry. We also have AS9120 certification for aerospace clients. The storage facilities of Mitsui-Soko Group, utilizing the cutting-edge technologies, based on know-how which enables maintaining even those articles requiring special storage and control under optimal conditions, store products of all industries with the maximum reliability and safety.

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