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Our knowledge and experience in a variety of industries and business categories enable us to identify and solve your issues in the logistics strategies. From there, we assist you in creating new value.

Identifying and solving your issues using our vast knowledge and experience. We assist you in creating new value.

Through a combination of know-how and a network of expert teams specializing in individual industries with various tools, we build total optimal solutions based on your business flow. Our varied consultation services range from the design, management and operation of an optimal supply chain to the commercial distribution area such as sales proxy (e.g. mail order sales); the money flow area including payment and temporary purchase of inventory to support the commercial distribution; and business process outsourcing (BPO) which turns dormant information assets into strength. We propose a strategy to survive in an increasingly competitive global business environment.

Identifying the Essential Issues and Optimal Solutions of Logistics from Macro to Micro

We help you to design your goals, viewing your business from your position.
We thoroughly investigate global and local domains to identify your essential issues, review the existing management procedures and business processes, and develop the optimal solutions. By detecting the essential issues, we provide a standardized service which is globally uniform while respecting local cultures and differences in the markets.

Covering All Aspects of Your Business Processes

Issues of our clients' are not limited to those in visible logistics processes such as transportation and storage. We identify a wide range of issues in commercial distribution such as their suppliers and sales; in money flow where we provide payment and temporary purchase of inventory functions based on extensive knowledge of laws and regulations in the target countries; and from back office elements such as making use of ignored past information assets and human resources. Thus, we can provide comprehensive solutions covering all aspects of our clients' business processes.

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Mitsui-Soko Group's Strategic Logistics Solutions

You can see our various strategic logistics solutions provided based on the business category, product features and business models of our clients, in e-commerce, healthcare, aerospace, consumer electronics, apparel, automotive, finance…

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