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Assuring Quality as a BPO Operator at a Global Standard Level

Records Center with High Quality Management System

Our Tama Records Center in Machida, Tokyo, not only stores and controls confidential documents of financial institutions and municipalities, but also manages information assets of clinical trial organizations. We can provide services to any industry, including the management of a complicated project as the secretariat, storage of microfilms and imaging.
The facilities to store documents and films are completely separated from the operation rooms and this enables efficient management of the secretariat duties. Viewing rooms are also equipped to respond to various requests from authorities such as tax offices and police.

Contact Centers to Meet Your Various Needs

Our contact centers are located at three places in Japan—Sapporo, Sendai and Shibaura, Tokyo—with 250 seats and having a structure which enables us to respond to urgent requests and the various needs of our clients promptly. As a BCP measure, these facilities introduce a mix of cloud and on-premise IT systems. All telephone calls are recorded so as to improve service quality.

Highly Reliable Service through Meticulous Quality Management

To ensure information security, we have established a strict management system and acquired ISO/IEC 27001 and PrivacyMark certifications. We also implement the PDCA (plan-do-check-act) cycle based on our information security basic policy. Our wide range of quality enhancement measures includes KPI (key performance indicators) management and standardization of operations using SOPs (Standard Operation Procedures), in addition to productivity improvement (Kaizen) practices and industrial engineering (IE) method.
We strive to constantly improve our services as a BPO operator on a global standard level, aiming at being a leader who drives the industry, not just one providing high quality services.

Facilities with Perfect BCP Measures

All contact centers and the records center take thorough BCP measures: seismic isolation/earthquake-proof structural designs, two power supply systems, installation of electromagnetic shields and a nitrogen fire extinguishing system. We will make even more efforts to improve our reliability to provide our clients with peace of mind using the data center owned by the Mitsui-Soko Group.

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