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Reliable and High Quality Services Assured by Our Experts Well-versed in Manufacturing Supply Chains

Wide Range of Customized Services Based on Your Needs

Since our services cover all those operations related to import and export of your air cargo, from complicated customs clearance to temporary storage at an airport and domestic delivery, you do not have to do anything. We not only optimize the delivery route and expense but also provide air transportation insurance.

Expert in Special Cargo Handling

From transportation of dangerous goods requiring regulatory compliance and specific handling know-how to the transportation of cold storage items requiring strict freshness and temperature controls, we determine the feasibility of transportation in compliance with local regulations, take care of necessary procedures, and establish an optimal management system during transfer and storage.

Air Transportation Services

Air Import and Export ForwardingCustoms Clearance ServiceAir Transportation of Dangerous GoodsAir Transportation of Cold Storage ItemsMODERATE Transportation ServicePromotional CampaignsHigh Quality Packing Service

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