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IR Information Disclaimer

Regarding Investment Decisions

This homepage is intended for providing corporate information about us, and not for soliciting the purchase and selling of our shares, or investing. Likewise, we do not guarantee the contents.

We ask that decisions for investing be made by your own judgement.

Future Outlook

Regarding all information on this homepage, any information that is historically correct, such as plans, prospects, and strategies are all forecasts of future business performances.
Being that these forecasts are all based on information currently available to us and uncertainties that could affect performance in the future, actual outcomes may differ.

About the Contents

Although we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of contents of the website, we are not responsible for errors in published information, data downloads, and errors as a result of falsification of data by a third-party.

Please note that the contents of this homepage are subject to change or deletion without notice.

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