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Holding Company (Listed Companies) and Real Estate Business

Mitsui-Soko Holdings Co., Ltd.

We oversee the entirety of the diverse Mitsui-Soko Group, and establish management strategies and direction. Furthermore, for maximizing group earnings, we provide support and guidance for individual group companies based on their business strategies, and redistribute management resources. Additionally, we support the operating companies by consolidating common functions needed and efficiently centralizing the processes.

Contact Information
3-20-1 Nishi-Shimbashi,Minato-Ku,Tokyo-to,105-0003,Japan
Tel: +81-3-6400-8000
Fax: +81-3-6880-9900

Warehousing, Seaport Operations and Global Flow Business

Mitsui-Soko Co., Ltd.

Based on the operating know-how of large-scale logistic centers in Japan and logistics bases around the world, we establish strategic logistics optimized for various industries and products, from import/export customs to delivery to the customer, and provide optimal solutions for the local circumstances of various countries. Additionally, we operate container terminals, which are valuable hubs connecting cargo from sea to land at major ports in Japan, which are the backbones of logistics. We also act as a shipping agency and match shipping companies with the needs of the cargo owners, and promise reliable pick-ups.

Contact Information
MSC Center Building 3-22-23 Kaigan, Minato-Ku,Tokyo-to,108-0022,Japan
Tel: +81-3-6400-8011
Fax: +81-3-6400-8388

Global Express Business


Provides advanced forwarding services to establish an efficient logistics network by utilizing experience and know-how cultivated from handling automobiles and auto parts logistics, and cargo that requires confidentiality, urgency, and particularity. Furthermore, we minimize transportation costs by establishing swift, safe, and reliable transport routes based on the needs of the cargo and its characteristics per client.

Contact Information
3-20-1 Nishi-Shimbashi,Minato-Ku,Tokyo-to,105-0003,Japan
Tel: +81-3-5776-5100
Fax: +81-3-5776-5372

Logistics System Business


We provide consultation by expert staff, covering all of the supply chain from production to sales, as well as solutions to cater to the logistics demands of the manufacturer, distribution industry such as mass retailers, and the consumer with state-of-the-art facilities and information system network and absolute low cost operations. Additionally, we provide a delivery network to the end user, such as delivery and installation services of consumer electronics, which is in high demand from cargo owners.

Contact Information
19-21 Nihonbashi-hakozaki-cho, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo, 103-0015, Japan
Tel: +81-3-6400-8057
Fax: +81-3-6778-2970

Supply Chain Solution Business

MITSUI-SOKO Supply Chain Solutions,Inc.

We mainly perform logistics operation through a global logistics network such as :
1. Procurement logistics of raw materials and production parts from supplier to manufacturer;
2. Factory logistics which cover receiving, storage, forwarding and materials/parts distribution;
3. Sales logistics which include inventory management and delivery to retailers; and
4. Repair parts logistics including reverse logistics.
Taking advantage of know-how on a global supply chain management covering from upstream to downstream that have been accumulated in the electronics industry, we will provide various solutions as a logistics designer.

Contact Information
3-20-1 Nishi-Shimbashi,Minato-Ku,Tokyo-to,105-0003,Japan

Transport network business


We provide integrated services from paperwork, loading and unloading to delivery, thereby ensuring low-cost operations. Our joint delivery system, which uses major routes of specific sections, combines all products of various companies to be delivered to the same destinations, and transports them collectively, achieves substantial cost reduction and improvement of efficiency, compared with the charter transport. While organically connecting the operating companies of the Mitsui-Soko Group through our freight transportation function, we offer one-stop service covering all the aspects of supply chain.

Contact Information
4-4, Dojimahama 1-chome, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka 530-0004, Japan

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