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  • Installation of AED Devices

    At our group, we have installed AED (Automated External Defibrillator) devices at all of our facilities.

  • Donations to the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography

    Opened as our nations' first general museum for photographs and videos, we support the museum through donations. We support the museum's philosophy of exposing culture to children and young people who are the cultural bearers of the next generation.

  • Disaster countermeasures and initial training

    All employees attended a briefing session so that in the event of a disaster, each employee can proactively act and understand the situation. They are prepared for disaster at the workplace, such as knowing where the storage locations of stockpiles is, how to use tools, and how to act as a member of the local community.

  • Donation to the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra

    Through donations, we support the orchestra's economic foundation. The Orchestra has continuously performed at an outstanding quality and has taken part in creating an enriched society through music.

  • Donations to the Mitsui Memorial museum

    This collection of artwork has been gathered by the Mitsui family since the Edo period over a span of 300 years, and is a prominent and valuable cultural heritage of Japan. Through donations, our company has supported the management of the museum in order to protect and preserve valuable works of art for future generations.

  • Donations to the Japan Institute of Agricultural Management

    The Japan Institute of Agricultural Management was founded by the AgriFuture Japan foundation to train future farmers. Our corporation has made donations to the foundation as a corporate member to contribute in training the future generation of farmers.

  • Providing the ”Mitsui Golden Glove Award” and Hosting the “Mitsui Golden Glove Baseball Course”

    Through the Mitsui Public Relations Committee, a committee consisting of all 25 Mitsui Group corporations, Mitsui-Soko has been providing to both Central and Pacific Baseball Leagues the “Mitsui Golden Glove Award” since 1972. Over 832 “masters of defense” have been awarded, and this year will be the 46rd anniversary.

  • Donations to "Chance for Children (CFC)"

    ~Provide children who were affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake an opportunity for education~

  • Donations to "Chance for Children (CFC)"

    ~Provide children who were affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake an opportunity for education~

  • Donations to the Mitsui Memorial Hospital

    Our company supports the Mitsui Memorial Hospital's medical philosophy of “cherishing the life of patients, practicing medicine to live with the patient, and to promote a better society.” Through donations, we wish to help the hospital achieve its goals and realize its philosophy.

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