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Case Study
Manufacturer of daily necessities

Achieved cost reduction on a global basis by thoroughly improving efficiency using third-party logistics (3PL)

  • At the initial stage of introduction, a 10% reduction in the logistics expenses was achieved and costs continued to reduce after that.
  • The client's workforce was concentrated on the core businesses.
  • Through common KPIs and rules, issues are being shared and in continually improved.
Case Study
Electronics manufacturer

Enhancement of sales competitiveness by reorganizing stock points

  • Reviewing the shipping and delivery scheme from Hong Kong to North America.
  • Reduction of logistics costs of US$5 million by reorganizing and increasing stock points.
  • Improving efficiency of the entire system by examining the ocean freight as well.
Case Study
Material manufacturer

Promoting operational improvement through in-depth review of the entire supply chain

  • Cost reduction and quality improvement by outsourcing of the logistics function.
  • Operational improvement, such as optimal site allocation based on an algorithm analysis.
  • Effective operation of a PDCA cycle through periodic KPI reporting and information sharing.
Case Study
Japanese medical device manufacturer

Eliminated redundant distribution processes, enables great reduction of costs

  • After sterilization, loaded medical equipments directly into warehouses without returning them to the factory.
  • Implemented distribution processing at the warehouse with Medical Device Manufacturer License.
  • Improved inventory accuracy through the introduction of our original medical device management system.
Case Study
Japanese pharmaceutical manufacturer

Large stocks of investigational products in several tens of thousands of boxes are stored and shipped free of human error

  • Reduced errors to zero for larger inventories which cannot be controlled by relevant numbers by introducing the voice recognition system
  • Reduced errors to zero thanks to a voice recognition system.
  • Improved the distribution process accordingly.
Case Study
Aerospace Industry

Enabling prompt adjustment of the demand-and-supply balance
while exposing inventory information at global sites.

  • A new system concept for centralized management of data at all sites.
  • Quick decision making when a problem occurs thanks to visualizing inventory information.
  • Avoiding risks based on various predictions.
Case Study
International home appliance manufacturer

Developing the supply chain management (SCM) system for direct marketing to mass retailers

  • Total consulting from inventory management and system architecture to global SCM
  • Established a direct sales logistics scheme as specified in the business plan
  • Improved efficiency and cost reduction of distribution processing for the Japanese market
Case Study
Japanese Tier 1 automotive component manufacturer

Substantial improvement of inventory accuracy through the realization of just-in-time (JIT) delivery linked with the system

  • Establishment of a system directly connecting the production control system with their warehouses
  • JIT delivery eight times a day every 2 hours
  • Introduction of a scanning process of all parts to prevent human error
Case Study
Pharmaceutical manufacturer

Building a transport and management system satisfying the severe delivery requirements of US major retailers

  • Managing operations from transport, storage to delivery and improving efficiency
  • Directly connecting the clients' systems with our warehouses, thereby improving the efficiency of incoming and outgoing management
  • Reduced incorrect releases with the help of lot number scanning at the time of incoming and outgoing
Case Study

Reduced costs and improve efficiency were achieved by outsourcing the distribution center operations to us.

  • Warehouse space and personnel expenses were converted from fixed to variable costs.
  • This enabled the smooth opening of the first overseas store.
  • We provided the total service from customs clearance to inventory management and delivery.
Case Study

Providing a distribution center which can properly perform complicated inventory management operations in China

  • Lack of warehouses which can perform distribution center functions with Japanese quality in China.
  • Providing a distribution center in which the know-how of Japanese inventory management is incorporated.
  • Sufficient consideration for prevention of loss, incorrect release and theft.
Case Study
Trading company dealing in miscellaneous goods

Preventing defective products from entering into Japan by conducting inspections which required man-hours and costs

  • Arranging experienced inspection staff at local distribution processing centers
  • Constructing a scheme to ask Japan if it is hard to determine whether there is a defect or not
  • Analyzing defective trends of each lot and submitting a report

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